Stephen A. Smith blasts Zion Williamson over alleged Moriah Mills relationship

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Stephen A. Smith blasted NBA star Zion Williamson over his alleged tryst with an adult content creator. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Sports reporter and TV personality Stephen A. Smith recently called out NBA star Zion Williamson after details surfaced online about his alleged intimate relationship with an adult content creator.

The rumored relationship details arrived from musical artist and content creator Moriah Mills, who shared multiple messages to put Williamson on blast for getting another woman pregnant.

The NBA star’s baby mama is Ahkeema, also known as Concrete Rose, whom Monsters and Critics reported about on Wednesday.

She and Williamson appeared in a video and photos from a baby gender reveal party earlier this week, which announced that the New Orleans Pelicans player is expecting a baby girl with Ahkeema.

Following those reports, Mills went on a Twitter spree, unleashing a series of claims about Williamson, including that they had an intimate relationship, were together last week, and even that he asked her to move to New Orleans.

As the details about Williamson’s baby mama drama arrived, Stephen A. informed the NBA player that he was “p***ed” about it all.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Zion for his alleged tryst

On Wednesday, sports journalist and on-air TV personality Stephen A. Smith appeared in a new episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show uploaded to his YouTube channel.

In the one-hour-plus episode, he covered various sports topics, including the fiasco involving Williamson, his pregnant girlfriend, and his alleged relationship with the adult content creator.

A shorter YouTube video was also released (below), featuring only Smith’s segment about Williamson’s situation.

Smith prefaced his rant by saying, “I pride myself on not getting into people’s personal business like that,” Still, he felt an “obligation” to comment about the story, likely due to Williamson’s playing status for the Pelicans.

“I’m kind of p***ed because all I can think about is, man, you only played in 29 games last year! And you missed the season before that! And I’ve been wondering what the h*ll is taking you so long to get healthy. Well, now I know!” Smith said.

Smith mentioned that the woman alleging the relationship with Williamson gave “vivid details of their encounters” and

“You’re young, you’re not married, you can do what you want to do, with whomever you choose. It’s your business. It’s a damn shame she’s putting your stuff out like that — need to cancel her,” he said.

“But there’s a bigger issue here. I mean, she’s a porn star. One would surmise she’s kind of an expert at whatever it is she does. I mean, I’ve been waiting for the leg injury to heal, Zion. I’ve been waiting for a while. When you going to play?”

Smith went on to say Williamson needs to be getting his “legs spry” and “bench pressing about 400 pounds.”

“We need you running up and down that court. New Orleans needs you healthy,” Smith said in his rant.

Williamson, 22, was the No. 1 pick by the Pelicans in the 2019 NBA Draft. He was touted by many as the next superstar to enter the league after LeBron James.

Since his arrival to the league, he’s played in 114 games over four seasons. He’s been named to the NBA All-Star team twice, but the Pelicans’ big man was sidelined with a broken foot for the entire 2021-22 season.

Moriah Mills claims she is Zion’s ‘girlfriend’ and ‘favorite’

On Thursday, Mills tweeted several more messages about the NBA star, with one of them claiming that she is Williamson’s “girlfriend” and “favorite” despite all his other women. In addition, she seemed to suggest Williamson was giving the other women “scraps.”

“My boyfriend @Zionwilliamson is a lover boy I know what comes with being a basketball players girlfriend xtra women. But just remember you’ll never get more than me I’m his favorite. I don’t mine him giving you guys scraps im going to always be on top. His favorite,” Mills tweeted.

moriah mills shares more messages about zion
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

“I tell him what to give y’all I run this I no every girls he has flown out to Nola. All the threesomes everything. He doesn’t want to share me so that why you girls will never be near me. I’m the top baby Even though @Zionwilliamson hid the bm from me he was just protecting my feelings,” Mills also tweeted.

moriah mills comments about zion williamson on twitter
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

In Mills’ Twitter posts on Wednesday, she claimed she’d been involved in an intimate relationship with the NBA star and was unaware he was expecting a child with Ahkeema. She also claimed that Williamson’s girlfriend’s family threatened her over her social media comments and allegations.

As of this writing, Williamson hasn’t commented publicly or reacted on social media to any of Mills’ allegations about their relationship, which remain unconfirmed.

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