Who is Zion Williamson’s baby mama? Ahkeema aka Concrete Rose may have appeared in heated fight

zion williamson appepars at kids choice sports awards
Zion Williamson revealed he’s expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

NBA star Zion Williamson is officially expecting his first child, as the two-time All-Star revealed with his girlfriend in a gender reveal video.

The 22-year-old forward for the New Orleans Pelicans will welcome a baby girl at some point in the year, along with a woman referred to in various media reports as Ahkeema.

Not much was known about Williamson’s baby mama, as not many people knew he had a girlfriend since it wasn’t publicly reported til recently.

However, the recent revelation that the couple is expecting a girl prompted Twitter users to play the role of detectives.

It led to several videos circulating online, allegedly featuring the woman believed to be Williamson’s girlfriend, also called Concrete Rose.

That’s raised questions about the woman’s past, as one video shows the woman in an intense brawl with another woman, while another video has her performing a suggestive dance on a table.

Who is Zion Williamson’s baby mama: Ahkeema, aka Concrete Rose?

It’s believed that Williamson’s baby mama is Ahkeema, who also goes by Concrete Rose on social media.

In one of @ahh_concreterose’s IG posts from February, she shared a montage video of photos and clips, which she captioned with “Mi Familia.”

A few scenes show the young woman in the video as she strikes a pose alone or with other women outside doors marked with the New Orleans Pelicans logo and “Authorized Personnel Only.”

Another scene in the montage shows a Pelicans game on an overhead TV with the woman and others in the room.

The Instagram bio indicates the person behind it is a “Video Creator.” Other posts include the woman in swimsuits or lingerie and a video about buying homes to find investment properties.

The mystery of who Zion Williamson’s baby mama is sent many individuals online into detective mode as they looked to unearth further details about his girlfriend.

A video began circulating on social media featuring a physical altercation involving “Rose vs Nicole” from Flip Da House 2. A Twitter account under the name Nicole Green shared the video in April.

The video also appeared on the QuietRoom YouTube in April, with the caption indicating that it involved “@ahh_concreterose,” which matches the screen name from the IG posts above.

There’s also @Ahh_Concreterose on Twitter, which appears to be the same individual. Based on the Twitter bio, she’s involved in “Entertainment & Recreation” and is located “Some Where in Atlanta.”

A Clutch Points report indicates that another alleged video on Twitter might feature Concrete Rose performing a suggestive dance on a table during a podcast appearance.

As of this report, the woman’s birth name and age aren’t officially specified, although a verified Twitter account for Robeter Littal BSO indicated in a tweet (below) that Ahkeema is 30.

Zion Williamson recently revealed he’s expecting a baby girl

On Tuesday, the YouTube channel AhhRoseGarden uploaded what looks like its first video on the platform. It’s called “Our Gender Reveal Party With Friends & Family” and has NBA star Zion Williamson with a woman, presumably his girlfriend.

The woman is up close to Williamson with a hand on his chest as he has one of his hands near her baby bump. Guests are heard making noise at the party.

“My baby, you gonna see this at some point,” Williamson says at the start of the video, with the woman chuckling.

“I don’t know what the future hold, but mommy and daddy love you,” he said, adding, “You don’t know nothin’ else in this world, know that mommy and daddy love you.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” the woman with him says before the video unveils footage from the gender reveal party.

Footage included visuals of the party’s setup and decor from a residence’s beautiful backyard. Later, pink fireworks erupted into the sky, indicating they are expecting a girl.

Ahkeema, who appears in the video with Williamson, seemingly shared posts from the event on her official Instagram page, @ahh_concreterose.

“Thank you 🙏 God for blessing my family with an addition 👶🏽we will give her unconditional love, guidance, protection & a family we are so grateful for #babywilliamson ♥️💜,” the caption of one Instagram post says.

“Thank you friends, family & staff and of course my aunt who helped me bring my vision together.. #stayprayedup 🙏,” the caption also says.

As of this writing, Zion Williamson hasn’t posted on social media about expecting a child or shared any details about his girlfriend. The sports star only appears in @ahh_concreterose’s Instagram posts and the YouTube video above.

Twitter calls out Zion’s alleged baby mama, Concrete Rose

On Tuesday evening, Twitter user @Ahh_Concreterose tweeted, “Yup that’s me I’m not ashamed of my past are you?” before directing people to follow her YouTube channel as “more videos will be posted soon.”

concrete seemingly rose confirms fight video on twitter
Pic credit: @Ahh_ConcreteRose/Twitter

The tweet above received criticism, including one commenter asking if Zion’s family knew about the woman’s past.

“You know sometime’s it’s OK to be ashamed of your past, and to say so,” another commenter wrote.

twitter reacts to zion williamson baby mama post
Pic credit: @Ahh_ConcreteRose/Twitter

Another Twitter comment suggested that Williamson is “socially awkward” and that the pregnant woman “took advantage” of the NBA star.

As of this writing, Williamson hasn’t posted about expecting a child or about his girlfriend, seeming to keep things private.

The popular basketball star has been mostly away from the media due to his recovery from an injury during the NBA season. Now that it’s the offseason, that probably gives him much more time away from the media to prepare for the arrival of his new family member.

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