Meghan Markle wrote letter to King Charles about racism concerns and ‘unconscious bias’

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Meghan Markle writes a letter. Pic credit: © ALPR/AdMedia

Meghan Markle reportedly wrote a letter to King Charles after her 2021 Oprah interview. 

In the letter, Meghan allegedly named the senior royal who questioned her unborn son’s skin color. 

However, it doesn’t seem that the correspondence inspired hope in Meghan. 

In fact, the interaction may have played a part in Meghan’s choice not to attend the upcoming coronation of King Charles III.

Although the incident occurred two years ago, it has just become public knowledge.

An expose by The Telegraph revealed some information about the letter and its contents.

Meghan Markle writes King Charles a letter about bias

According to The Telegraph, Meghan Markle wrote a letter to King Charles in 2021.

She wrote the letter after the bombshell Oprah interview, where she alleged racist comments by a senior royal. Specifically, Meghan said that a royal speculated about Archie’s skin color while she was pregnant. Meghan reportedly called out the “unconscious bias” in her letter.

Meghan allegedly didn’t receive a satisfactory response after writing to King Charles and revealing the identity of the person who made the comment. That has played a part in her non-attendance at the upcoming crowning ceremony.

A well-placed source confirmed the interaction on Page Six.

The person revealed, “Yes, there was correspondence, there were letters back and forth from the Duchess of Sussex to the king.”

However, some time has passed since the correspondence and Meghan has reportedly moved on.

The source added, “This was two years ago, it has nothing to do with her decision not to attend the coronation.”

As for Meghan’s decision not to attend the coronation, she allegedly thought it would be inauthentic if she went.

Additionally, the coronation occurs on Meghan’s son Archie’s 4th birthday.

Therefore, Prince Harry will make the trip to England alone for the May 6 coronation of King Charles III.

Meghan Markle to stay in California during the coronation

Meghan Markle plans to stay home during the coronation, which coincides with her son’s 4th birthday. 

Reports suggest that Meghan will host a birthday bash for Archie that won’t be “over the top.”

There could be celebrities in attendance for the big event.

A source said about Meghan and Harry’s high-status friends, revealing the lovers “do have celebrities in their life.”

As for the royal family, a royal reporter revealed, “I think everyone’s delighted she’s not coming.” Journalist Tom Bower also referred to the family as “delighted.”

It seems no love is lost between Meghan and the royal family.

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