Why Meghan Markle might upstage King Charles’ coronation with Archie’s party

Meghan Markle up close.
Meghan Markle’s party could upstage the coronation. Pic credit: ©

While her husband, Prince Harry, heads across the pond for the coronation of King Charles III, Meghan Markle will be in California.

But Meghan won’t simply be waiting by the phone or watching coverage of the historic event.
Instead, the former Suits actress will be hosting an event of her own.

As it turns out, the coronation ceremony coincides with the birthday of her son, Archie.

While Meghan’s absence from the coronation has differing reasons, depending on the source, it gave the Duchess of Sussex the perfect excuse to avoid a potentially awkward situation.

After all, some sources said that Princess Kate Middleton would insist on Meghan sitting “at the back” if she chose to attend.

As for Meghan’s party, it might be a star-studded affair that could upstage the coronation, according to sources.

Meghan Markle is hosting a party for Archie on his birthday

Archie’s birthday is May 6 — the same day as King Charles III’s coronation.

A source close to Meghan suggested that Archie’s birthday may be a star-studded affair.

A person with authority told Page Six that Meghan and Harry “do have celebrities in their life,” indicating some famous faces at the event.

However, the party won’t be over-the-top.

Instead, it will be an intimate gathering, with people like Meghan’s mother in attendance. Of course, Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, will not be in attendance.

The source continued, “It’s going to be an intimate party, it’s not going to be like My Super Sweet 16 or Portia de Rossi’s 50th!”

Meanwhile, across the pond, sources close to the British royal family, including a columnist, have their own opinions.

Royal columnist claims the Sussexes seek to ‘upstage’ the British royal family

A royal columnist named Lee Cohen the Express that Meghan and Harry enjoy attempting to upstage the British royal family.

The journalist also called the situation “petty.”

Lee revealed, “It’s terribly petty, but the Sussexes, who no longer have their royal platform, seem to relish any opportunity to attempt to upstage a royal occasion.” 

With the coronation occurring the same day as Archie’s birthday, Lee believed it was another example of the Sussexes attempting to upstage the British royal family.

As Lee explained, the British royal family doesn’t do the same thing to Meghan and Harry, although the coronation date coincided with Archie’s birthday.

Lee continued, “It’s not as if the royal family seek occasions to upstage the antics of the Sussexes, quite the opposite.”

Time will tell how both events play out.

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