Megan Fox in tears talks about son Noah, 9, bullied for wearing dresses 

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Megan Fox talks about son Noah. Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Megan Fox served looks and dropped bombshells in her cover girl appearance in Glamour magazine.

The Midnight in the Switchgrass actress discussed her love life, acting career, and son Noah. 

Megan Fox’s blood drinking was another topic of conversation, as was her manifestation of Machine Gun Kelly.

As far as her family life, she briefly discussed her children. Megan has three children with her ex, Brian Austin Green, Noah, 9, Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 5.

But it was Megan’s eldest child, Noah, who she talked about with Glamour. The protective and proud mother shared that Noah started wearing dresses at age two. 

Megan Fox discusses transgenderism, son Noah, 9, wearing dresses 

Glamour magazine interviewed Megan Fox to accompany her stunning, futuristic photoshoot. The magazine reported that Megan broke down in tears when the topic of her son Noah arose.

Megan revealed that Noah expressed a desire to wear dresses as a toddler. She said, “Noah started wearing dresses when he was about two, and I bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things and addressed a full spectrum of what this is.”

Megan was understanding of Noah’s desire to wear dresses, and she bought books from the point-of-view of transgender children.

Megan explained, “Some of the books are written by transgender children. Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress; you can express yourself through your clothing however you want. And that doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your sexuality.”

She and Brian embraced and accepted Noah and created an open environment for their growing child. Megan revealed, “So from the time they were very young, I’ve incorporated those things into their daily lives so that nobody feels like they are weird or strange or different.”

Finally, proud mama Megan sang her eldest son, Noah’s talents. She said, “Noah is an unbelievable pianist. He can learn Mozart’s concerto in an hour. I want people to see that, but I also don’t want the world to have access to this gentle soul and say all the things that we all know they’re going to say.”

Megan Fox explains drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood

Megan Fox’s engagement announcement and subsequent declaration of blood consumption turned heads and made headlines. 

Megan clarified her comments about drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood, “Yeah. So, I guess to drink each other’s blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with goblets, and we’re like Game of Thrones, drinking each other’s blood.”

Megan explained, “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only.”

She said she is controlled in the blood drinking and does it with new moon and full moon rituals.

Megan Fox manifested Machine Gun Kelly at age four

Megan and MGK are highly-spiritual, so it may not be a surprise that she believes in manifestation. More specifically, Megan Fox manifested MGK.

She explained that her thoughts and intentions made him, beginning when she was age four when he was born. 

She said that MGK possessed the exact physical qualities she wanted in a man and that she made him.

The mind is a powerful thing.

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1 year ago

She needs to help for herself and her children need a normal life. Her excuses husband has been a real dental man through this . Move on drink blood leave the kids to a normal life