Matt Rife got ‘heckled’ by Shemar Moore and the result was hilarious

Matt Rife and Shemar Moore on the red carpet.
Matt has a fan in Shemar. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMediaJohn Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Comedian Matt Rife got more than he bargained for at one of his recent stand-up shows when actor Shemar Moore heckled him.

Instead of resulting in some heated exchange, this was hilarious, leaving the crowd, Matt, and Shemar in stitches.

It all went down last week at the Ontario Improv Club, where Matt was simply just being the funny man he is when Shemar got involved.

Matt shared a TikTok featuring him doing his thing when here comes Shemar heckling him from the crowd.

The comedian handled it all in stride as Shemar kept the hits coming, and the banter began.

Their interaction was far from PG, with Shemar heckling Matt to try and be Black after Matt made a joke. It was all in good fun, and the two played off each other as Shemar egged Matt on to push the limit.

When that didn’t happen but the crowd was laughing out loud, Shemar took things one step further and got on stage.

Shemar Moore gives Matt Rife props at comedy show

Taking to TikTok again, Matt shared another video that featured Shemar getting up on stage and taking the mic from the comedian. Shemar kicked off his part by admitting he doesn’t have jokes like Matt, although he used a lot more colorful language to say it.

The Young and the Restless alum reveals he’s been watching Matt on YouTube but is seeing him live for the first time. Shemar gives a shoutout to his baby mama Jesiree Dizon, who was also with him.

Then things turn interesting as Shemar proceeds to spill that his girlfriend wants to “f**k Matt Rife.” The comment got laughs all around before Shemar took the time to give Matt some serious props for his comedy.

Shemar also jokes Matt’s dying to say the n-word, but he can’t, or he’ll get canceled, so Shemar’s going to have him over to his house so Matt can just get it out. The actor called Matt pretty before going on about how pretty people can’t be funny, using Kevin Hart as an example.

It turns out Shemar and Matt have been DMing thanks to Shemar reaching out first and now have a romance going on, and that’s how Shemar ended his schtick on stage.

Matt Rife thanks Shemar Moore for pushup contest

Sharing several pictures from his stint in Ontario via Instagram, Matt took time out to thank his new bromance buddy Shemar after his appearance and a little contest they had.

“Thank you for an amazing weekend @ontarioimprov!!! I’ve never not had a great time in your town. And a big shoutout to the homie @shemarfmoore coming out to challenge me to a push-up contest that i obviously won. ???,” he wrote on the IG post.

Shemar popped up in the comments section with a very Shemar-like reply to his new friend.

“Don’t forget leg day playboy!!! ?,” the actor replied.

Shemar Moore comment Matt Rife IG
Pic credit: @mattrife/Instagram

Matt Rife has a new fan and friend in Shemar Moore, showing the actor in a different light that had comedy goers laughing out loud. This comes hot on the heels of news Shemar’s show S.W.A.T. has been un-canceled by CBS.

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