King Charles labeled ‘standoffish’ and ‘outdated’ with ‘messed up’ royal family ahead of coronation

King Charles
King Charles faces heavy criticism ahead of his coronation. Pic credit: ©

King Charles’ royal coronation this weekend has people buzzing about the event, though largely, it’s embroiled in controversy.

ABC senior journalist Deborah Roberts has her own insight on the royal family and the coronation this coming weekend, noting that King Charles’ isn’t as well received as his mother, the Queen, was.

During a recent Radio Times interview, Deborah stated, “[Charles] is austere and a little bit standoffish. His mother was, too, but we didn’t have a lot of female heads of state around the world when she was ruling.”

Not only does Roberts believe that Charles is standoffish, but she also feels having a king is rather “outdated.”

After Queen Elizabeth, it will be a lot different to have a King rather than a Queen, especially given the decades Elizabeth held the throne.

However, this isn’t the only problem with King Charles.

Deborah Roberts says people still hold King Charles accountable for the treatment of Princess Diana

Roberts also said during her interview that King Charles is “associated with breaking Princess Diana’s heart,” which causes a lot of mixed feelings for the man, particularly with the American people.

Not only are there still hard feelings toward Charles after his relationship with Princess Di, but many aren’t thrilled with Camilla taking the throne.

Camilla’s official title will be Queen Camilla rather than Queen Consort, which many royal critics take issue with as it feels like “another woman is taking Diana’s place.”

Along with personal preferences and grudges, Roberts knows that the royal family has their fair share of issues, as we all do.

Deborah Roberts calls royal family ‘messed up’

“The royal family are just as messed up as any other family, and we kind of like seeing that,” Roberts stated. And the journalist isn’t wrong.

All families have issues, but not all are as heavily publicized as the royal family. Over the past several years, the drama between Prince Harry and Prince William and between their wives, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, has been a common headline to see.

Even now, just before the coronation, one of Meghan’s old blog posts critiquing Kate began circulating. Although the post was written before she met Harry, it didn’t age well.

Harry and Meghan have repeatedly been the topic of conversation, starting with their untraditional relationship, leaving the royal family, and being stripped of their titles.

Camilla and Charles often face scrutiny, especially when people begin to think about Princess Diana.

Although her words may come off a bit harsh, Roberts wasn’t wrong: Every family is a bit “messed up,” we just aren’t all royalty.

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