King Charles is back to work after cancer diagnosis

King Charles at an event in London.
King Charles is back to work during his treatment for cancer. Pic credit: ©

Since King Charles revealed to the world that cancer was found after his procedure for his enlarged prostate, he has been taking it easy during the follow-up cancer treatments.

Charles had to pause his public duties alongside his son and daughter-in-law, and this caused the senior working royals to take the spotlight.

When it was announced that Kate Middleton had abdominal surgery, her schedule was quickly cleared along with Prince William’s so he could care for her.

At regular times, Charles would meet with Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, each week to discuss pressing business for the country. This was paused out of necessity while the King was recovering.

Fortunately, the Daily Mail reports that King Charles met with members of his Privy Council Tuesday night, and then He resumed his weekly duties with the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

A royal commentator, Rebecca English, posted a short video of the King’s encounter with Rishi Sunak during his meeting. In her caption, she clarifies that this is the first audience with the Prime Minister since the diagnosis.

Fans are excited that King Charles is feeling better

During the King’s exchange with the Prime Minister, he said that the “wonderful messages and cards…reduced me to tears,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

Upon hearing him utter those words and seeing the video provided by Rebecca English, fans of King Charles had to post on X (formerly Twitter) to share how they felt.

One fan said, “Good to see the King looking so well.” Another was in awe over seeing the King looking so well.

Another fan said, “Thank you, Rebecca!! So nice to see KCIII looking well & at BP!!”

Fans of The Royal Family are excited to see King Charles looking well.
Fans of King Charles and The Royal Family post on social media. Pic credit: @RE_DailyMail/X

Seeing King Charles well enough to resume his duties at Buckingham Palace was undoubtedly good. Even if he is not engaging in public royal duties, it is great to see him feeling up to working on official business.

Prince William is taking up the slack for King Charles

Prince William has been busy caring for his wife, Kate Middleton, and resuming his royal duties to help out his ailing father.

Recently, William had an audience with another type of queen: a Khaleesi. He met Emilia Clarke and her mother, Jennifer, and presented them with honors. Emilia starred in Game of Thrones and runs an organization called Same You. The organization supports recovery from brain injuries and better mental health treatment for survivors.

Everyone wishes King Charles and Kate Middleton speedy recoveries from their ailments. It will be great to see Kate Middleton return to her regular schedule, which is predicted to be after Easter this year.

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