Kelly Clarkson is one ‘Hot Mama’ after incredible weight loss

Kelly Clarkson up close
Kelly Clarkson is shining in her “hot mama” stage. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kelly Clarkson is living her best life on the East Coast in New York City.

The former American Idol winner and The Voice coach has lost some pounds and looks better than ever.

She opened up about how her move from the West Coast and California has helped her tremendously. Kelly picked up The Kelly Clarkson Show and moved it with her.

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Her fans and followers have noticed her weight loss, especially during the holiday episodes of her show.

Kelly teamed up with Rob’s Backstage Popcorn and shared her ad on Instagram.

Not only is her incredible weight loss noticeable, but she also rocked the casual jeans and t-shirt look. Kelly’s bangs also highlighted her slimmed-down face.

Kelly Clarkson dubbed ‘Hot Mama”

While sharing her Kelly’s Classic BBQ flavor for Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, the comment section lit up with compliments for the single mom of two.

One follower wrote, “👏❤️😍 you look amazing girl [you’re] a Hot Mama now”

Another suggested that Kelly’s weight loss resulted from being on Ozempic or gastric bypass surgery, saying, “She looks amazing. It’s either Ozempic or gastric bypass. I am on Ozempic and I’ve lost over 40 pounds quickly. It works very expensive. I’m a veteran and the VA is very particular about who they give Ozempic to. Either way, she looks great.”

Someone else just chimed in to tell her she was “Lookin good.”

Comments on Kelly Clarkson's ad
Pic credit: @kellyclarkson/Instagram

Kelly Clarkson’s new start

Kelly Clarkson went through a divorce that rocked her whole world.

Things have finally settled, and she hightailed it out of California and is settling into New York City with her children nicely.

She has been open about the toll the divorce took on her mind and body. Kelly was honest and open about her decision to listen to her doctor, which helped her shed some pounds.

Eating right and exercising have been part of her regimen, which is working for the talk show host.

However, her body transformation has also changed her style. Kelly talked about her tighter-fitting outfits causing issues with bending over. Everything isn’t all bad, though. Her wardrobe for The Kelly Clarkson Show has been top-notch, and with the bangs thrown into the mix, things are sizzlingly for the first American Idol winner.

Something has awoken in Kelly being on the East Coast, and there have been rumblings that she may be back in the dating pool again.

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays on NBC.

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Renee Hall
Renee Hall
1 day ago

Keep up the good work Kelly. Your beautiful inside and out. With the weight and without the weight. You a wonderful roll model.