Kelly Clarkson drastic weight loss noticeable in gold dress during holiday show

Kelly Clarkson on the red carpet
Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss was highlighted in a holiday dress. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Clarkson has had a transformative year.

Her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, moved from Los Angeles to New York City. It’s been an adjustment for the host, but it seems it is a good one.

The holiday shows began for Kelly’s talk show, which means fun clothing and guests.

During a recent episode, Kelly wore a gold dress highlighting her 40-pound weight loss.

Those who have followed the American Idol winner know her weight fluctuates, something Kelly has been very candid about over the years.

This time, though, the weight may stay away for good.

Kelly Clarkson reveals she doesn’t have to wear Spanx

Kelly Clarkson looks better than ever, and her wardrobe for The Kelly Clarkson Show was completely overhauled.

During one of her recent episodes, Kelly revealed that she no longer needs to wear Spanx. However, she still does because it’s cold in New York City.

The gold dress Kelly wore recently highlighted her trim waist. Kelly posed next to Barry Manilow, and she looked amazing.

Adding bangs to her hairstyle also helped to add a slimming effect on her face. Kelly looks younger, with her skin glowing.

How did Kelly Clarkson lose the weight?

Kelly Clarkson has been accused of using the popular weight loss aid Ozempic. Despite the speculation, she denies ever using it.

The former The Voice coach has been open about the Plant Paradox way of eating that helped her shed pounds in 2018.

It’s a very restrictive eating plan, cutting out all starches. The list of can’t haves is much longer than the can haves, but the results are worth it — especially if the dieter is losing weight for health reasons.

Currently, Kelly is combining diet and exercise, eating cleaner and exercising more. Getting off her thyroid medication was huge for the former American Idol winner.

The current season of The Kelly Clarkson Show has highlighted Kelly’s weight loss and transformation following a challenging and high-stress couple of years. Her hair makeover has added to the new Kelly allure.

Without the need for Spanx and a shrinking figure, wardrobe possibilities have opened up for the talk show host. Kelly recently donned a red dress that looked stunning on her for another one of the holiday episodes.

Kelly Clarkson is living her New York City life, and we are here for the glow-up attached to it.

The Kelly Clarkson show airs weekdays on NBC.

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