Kelly Clarkson can’t bend over in tight outfit, says she’s being dressed in smaller clothes since weight loss

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice
Kelly has some thoughts on her weight loss. Pic credit: NBC

Singer Kelly Clarkson has admitted there’s one issue she has since losing a dramatic amount of weight.

The Voice alum has been getting candid about her new look after showing off her noticeably slimmer figure.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kelly revealed living in New York City and walking everyone definitely helped her shed pounds.

Despite loving her new physique, Kelly did share a problem she has endured with her slimmer look.

It seems her stylists are putting her in much smaller clothes than she’s used to.

The singer joked about the topic during a concert when a fan asked the singer to do a shot with her.

Kelly Clarkson can’t bend over in tight outfit after being dressed in smaller clothes since weight loss

A TikTok video featured a fan asking Kelly for a birthday wish of doing a shot with the singer. Kelly was dressed in a killer tight black outfit. She had to be careful how she moved – or the outfit would break.

“I can’t actually bend over,” she expressed before alluding that her outfit would split open if she did.

Kelly didn’t want to disappoint her fan, so she dropped to her knees and leaned forward carefully to get the shot.

“This is tight. Like I lost weight, and they were like, ‘let’s get you in some tight s**t,” Kelly joked.

When it was time to do the shot, Kelly did a cheers to her fan and then explained she would come closer, but her thigh would bust out of her outfit.


I TOOK A SHOT WITH FREAKING KELLY CLARKSON!!! #kellyclarkson #chemistryresidency #lasvegas I have so many videos from many angles and have no idea who sent me this one. But thank you to every single person that found me and sent it to me! I appreciate it!

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The comments section of the TikTok video was flooded with remarks about Kelly and her look.

Kelly Clarkson fans sound off on her new look

Several comments didn’t even realize the person on stage was the American Idol winner. Those who did realize it was Kelly agreed she looked amazing.

Kelly Clarkson comments
Pic credit: @sabbbb0/TikTok

Kelly was mistaken for several famous faces in the footage, including Rita Ora, Sabrina Carpenter, Natasha Lyonne, and Renee Rapp.

Kelly Clarkson mistaken for other famous faces
Fans comment on Kelly. Pic credit: @sabbbb0/Instagram

Along with speaking out on her weight loss in the New Year, Kelly has made headlines for revealing her ex-husband told her she wasn’t sexy enough to be a coach on The Voice. Brandon was wrong because Kelly has been a coach on the hit singing show.

The talented Kelly Clarkson is living her best life these days as a mom, singer, businesswoman, and talk show host. Kelly’s show took home several Daytime Emmy Awards last month.

What do you think of Kelly’s new look?

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