Kate Middleton is tired of being body shamed and is hurt by negative comments about being ‘too thin’

Kate Middleton at the EE British Acadamy Film Awards (BAFTA's) at The Royal Albert Hall.
Kate Middleton is reportedly sick of having people discuss her weight. Pic credit: ©

Being famous can come with perks and also some major downsides, as well, and Kate Middleton is only too familiar with how difficult it can be to navigate the intense media spotlight that is put upon her.

Kate was called out for being “so slim” by Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley back in October

Kate recently hit the news as reports surfaced that the Duchess is getting sick of having people constantly comment on her weight.

In the late fall, Express reported that Richard Madeley, host for Good Morning Britain, called Kate out for being what he considered “so slim,” sparking outrage among the royal family and fans alike.

After briefly discussing Prince William’s foundation, Richard commented that Kate, who knows how to glam up, appeared to be thin and had a “tiny, tiny waist.”

Social media users had a lot to say about the remarks

Social media had a field day with the remarks, with many viewing them as rude and completely off the topic of the prestigious Earthshot Award that had recently been handed out by the royal couple.

@GMB I cannot believe you employ Richard Madeley whose only comment about Earthshot was about the size of The Duchess of Cambridge’s Waist. What an embarrassment,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user also blasted the host for his inappropriate comments. Their tweet read, ““Richard Madeley” shouldn’t he be focused on what #EarthshotLondon2021 was about, not Kate Middleton’s waist line….”

Kate has recently said that she is tired of hearing negative commentary about her weight

In news reports yesterday and today, it has been revealed that the Duchess, who has three children with Prince William, is not happy about having people discuss her body.

After new photos of Kate were released in celebration of her 40th birthday recently, the internet mostly gushed over the Duchess of Cambridge’s glowing pictures but some felt that the shots didn’t look like Kate and appeared to be airbrushed.

Kate has now opened up about how the comments regarding her appearance make her feel.

According to OK! magazine, an insider divulged that Kate is over being critiqued, saying, “It’s frustrating for Kate because she’s always been very fit and slim…Kate is very active, but that hasn’t stopped people from accusing her of being unhealthy. It’s offensive and it’s body-shaming, and she’s sick of it.”

The insider continued, talking about Kate’s private struggles being in the spotlight and adding, “Trying to be perfect all the time can be exhausting and nerve-wracking, especially when the criticism isn’t warranted.”

Body-shaming of the Duchess can be traced back to the beginning of her time in the royal family.

In 2012, television host Katie Couric had some harsh words for Prince William’s wife, saying that the future matriarch “needs to eat more because she’s so thin,” as reported by Huffpost.

Extending even beyond just her overall weight, Kate has also been shamed for other features that the majority of people might not think twice about.

In 2018, the Daily Mail posted an article discussing the “unusual” length of the Duchess’ fingers, pointing out that some of her digits appeared to be the same size.

While pregnant with Prince Louis, the royal couple’s third child and presumably their last, Kate was shamed by the internet for having a small baby bump.

With years of torment behind her and likely more years ahead, the insider said that Kate is “starting to hit her breaking point,” adding that all the negative talk really affected Kate’s confidence after her 40th birthday photos were released.

“Kate’s actually quite shy about having her photo taken but she really opened up and let herself enjoy the process,” the insider said about the photoshoot, adding that “all the negative talk about how she looks has sucked the joy out of the whole experience.”

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Sally Sinclair
Sally Sinclair
2 years ago

The Duchess is a beautiful woman. I don not think she looks to thin. Would you rather have a sloppy overweight future Queen. She very fit and it shows. Plain and simple she is class and it shows she takes good care of herself. I have been skinny or slim my entire life. I’ve been asked if I’m anorexic!!! I’m not. I eat whatever, whenever I want to. I’m just a thin person. And that’s fine with me. I’d rather be fit and trim my whole life than struggle with being overweight!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Sally Sinclair

She is perfect, shouldn’t worry about jealous people.

2 years ago

Duchess Catherine is a lovely woman – what I wouldn’t give to have her wardrobe! Katie Couric is jealous, most likely.