Kanye West’s weirdest feud is with Peppa Pig — Here’s why

kanye west and peppa pig fued
Kanye West has been involved in many feuds over the years, including Pete Davidson and Peppa Pig. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

Rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, has been on an Instagram frenzy over the past several weeks. He’s shared his thoughts about his issues with his family, Kim Kardashian, her boyfriend Pete Davidson, his friend Kid Cudi, and even his business matters.

In just the past few days, he’s been taunted by Soulja Boy about losing Kim K to Pete Davidson. In the past, Ye got taunted by Peppa Pig for a very different reason.

The famous character recently made it onto a lengthy list of Kanye’s feuds, which also includes the individuals above. Here’s why Peppa Pig made that list.

Peppa Pig lands on list of Ye’s feuds

On Saturday, Kanye West shared a screenshot of an extensive list of all the “Kanye Beefs” compiled by Hip Hop By The Numbers. 50 Cent, Kris Jenner, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian are among the names popping up.

Drake and Travis Scott are listed, although they appear cool with Ye in recent weeks, as they were seen in a photo together and possibly worked together on something for Donda 2.

Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift is on the list, as fans saw years ago that Ye wasn’t happy when Swift won Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Award. The rapper interrupted her on stage, claiming Beyonce should’ve won the award, making for an infamous moment in Ye’s career.

Also on the list is singer Billie Eilish. Recently, Ye demanded an apology from the singer, following remarks Eilish made during her concert that Ye felt were directed at his friend Travis Scott and the Astroworld tragedy.

Along with the screenshot list, Kanye let everyone know in his Instagram caption that his list of beefs is “twice as long.” Ye rattled off a bunch more, including Barack Obama, Apple, Spotify, Corey Gamble, Charlamagne the God, Saturday Night Live, and Hilary Clinton.

“Come on guys… This list is twice as long ???‍♂️ You gotta put Apple Spotify Vivendi Universal Lucien Grange Tik Tok Black History Month Obama the whole cast of SNL Hillary Clinton the Devil himself Corey Gamble Bezos Charlamagne Disney Librals and of course Skete and any and all corny s**t in general Can somebody from Chicago let these people know what Skete meant when we was growing up It’s up for everybody!!!!! ??????? Wow. Being rich is fun!!!!” Kanye wrote.

kanye shares fanmade feud list on his instagram
Pic credit: @kanyewest/Instagram

Some curious entries appear on the list, including stunt performer Evel Knievel and Peppa Pig from the popular preschool animated series. Peppa Pig is an anamorphic female piglet with traits and emotions like humans.

There’s a Peppa Pig show which Astley Baker Davies created. The animated series has been broadcast in over 180 countries, and it’s currently in its seventh season. In addition, there are Peppa Pig theme parks, video games, and other merchandise, including two studio albums.

One of Peppa’s albums arrived around the time when Kanye West’s studio album Donda was released.

What is the beef with Ye and Peppa Pig?

Last year, Ye’s fans were anticipating his album Donda after multiple delays. When it finally arrived, it received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Specifically, critics criticized the album’s length and cohesiveness.

Pitchfork gave Ye’s album an overall rating of 6.0 out of 10. Meanwhile, Peppa’s Adventures: The Album was a half-point ahead of Donda, with a 6.5 rating.

That led Peppa Pig to comment on Twitter that they achieved a better rating without holding listening events ahead of the album’s release.

Peppa Pig’s original tweet has been deleted, but a user posted screenshots on Twitter from September 2021.

Ye has yet to release Donda 2, as it arrives on February 22, 2022. He caused outrage amongst many fans when he announced that they’d need to fork over $200 to buy his Stem Player device, which he said is the only way to get Donda when it releases.

That could give Peppa Pig some material to tweet about in the future, should the next album outscore Donda 2.

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