Kanye West’s former bodyguard says Pete Davidson threats are ‘social media drama’

rapper kanye west and actor comedian pete davidson
Kanye West’s former bodyguard believes the rapper’s threats towards Pete Davidson are all ‘social media drama.’ Pic credit: ©

Many people have witnessed Kanye West continuously attack or even threaten his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, online in the past several months.

That’s brought commentary from those close to both parties, including Davidson’s Saturday Night Live castmates and fellow comedians, as well as rappers who have worked with Kanye.

A former bodyguard who worked for West in 2016 recently weighed in on the ongoing situation with West and Davidson, calling it “social media drama” ahead of a new documentary he’s releasing about the rapper.

Kanye West’s ex-bodyguard calls it ‘social media drama’

Steve Stanulis is a former police officer who was hired as one of Kanye West’s bodyguards in 2016. He worked to protect the rapper for just over two weeks, giving him a bit of insight into the rapper.

He spoke to Fox News Digital about several topics, including Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Kanye West. Stanulis was asked if Davidson should be worried about any of Kanye’s online or musical threats.

That includes West’s numerous Instagram attacks, his song Eazy, and the accompanying music video suggesting that an animated Kanye kidnapped a claymation Davidson and buried him alive.

“Pete is high-profiled where, God forbid, if something did happen, who do you think they’re going to point fingers to? As much street clout Kanye has, or whatever you want to call it, he’s not stupid,” he said. “And Davidson is certainly not Pete the Plumber who might have more to worry about [in terms of security]. I think it’s all social media drama, absolutely.”

Stanulis also suggested that Kanye should treat everyone he meets or knows with respect, or it could be damaging otherwise.

“Treat everybody with respect,” he said. “The people you meet on your way up, you’re gonna meet on your way down, and vice versa. Today’s PA could be tomorrow’s Spielberg…Sometimes you just gotta step it up and fight for yourself. Because if you don’t, you could get trampled very quickly.”

Stanulis working on Kanye documentary

While rapper Kanye West is the subject of the three-part Jeen-Yuhs documentary that arrived on Netflix earlier this year, Stanulis is also working on an upcoming documentary about the rapper.

It’s appropriately titled 15 Days with Kanye and covers Stanulis’ brief working relationship with the rapper. He said it won’t change any perceptions people have about West.

“There’s no person that’s going to watch this film, whether they’re a fan of his or not a fan of his, that’s going to say, ‘I don’t like him anymore’ or ‘I can’t believe he’s done this,'” Stanulis said. “Everything we discuss in the documentary is stuff people kind of already know. And it’s done in a very entertaining way. It was 15 days with Kanye – that’s what it was.”

Stanulis will have some interesting insights to share about his time working for the rapper. He made headlines in 2016 for an interview he did talking about what it was like working for Kanye West. According to Page Six, he blasted West’s behavior in the interview, calling out his antics as a spoiled superstar.

That resulted in Kanye threatening to sue Stanulis for $30 million claiming the former NYPD officer had signed a non-disclosure agreement before working for West and Kim Kardashian. Stanulis claimed he never signed the NDA, though.

His name popped up again in 2020 for another interview in which he spoke about Kanye and Kim Kardashian. According to TMZ, after Stanulis commented about their “ridiculous rules” during a Hollywood Raw podcast episode, West and Kardashian threatened to sue him for $10 million if he spoke about the family’s personal business again.

Page Six indicated that Stanulis began working on his documentary 15 Days with Kanye this month. He not only stars in it but will serve as a producer on the project. The release date is currently unknown, but according to NME, Stanulis indicated it would include him discussing those previously threatened lawsuits.

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