Julia Fox defends Kanye West, doesn’t think he’d really hurt Kim Kardashian or Pete Davidson

julia fox at 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Julia Fox recently defended Kanye West’s attacks towards Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Over the past several months, many people have witnessed Kanye West launching attacks at Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, including Julia Fox. Those attacks began while Fox was dating Kanye West earlier this year.

Many have criticized West for his behavior and suggested that he may need help with his mental health. Fox doesn’t seem to feel that Kanye would hurt anyone, though.

The Uncut Gems actress recently commented on the matter and defended West, suggesting his online rants and attacks were more “artistic expression” from the rapper.

Julia Fox defends West’s attacks towards Pete and Kim

While speaking to TMZ after a Barry’s Bootcamp workout, Julia Fox indicated that Kanye West might be aggressive but wouldn’t act on any of his attacks and threats.

“I just think that’s his creative artistic expression. I know it’s aggressive, but I really don’t- I think that if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly, and that’s all I have to say,” Fox told TMZ.

Kanye’s threats have included his mentions of Pete Davidson and Saturday Night Live in the rap songs Eazy and City of Gods. In Eazy, a song the rapper released with The Game, he raps, “God saved me from that crash. Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**.”

The Eazy video featured disturbing images involving animated versions of West and Davidson. In a series of scenes, West kidnaps the claymation Davidson, ties him up, and drags him via an ATV to a deserted location. West then buries Davidson alive up to his neck and plants roses around him. Other scenes in the video suggest Davidson was decapitated.

In the song City of Gods, West rapped about “100 goons pulling up to SNL,” possibly as a threat towards not only Pete Davidson but SNL’s Lorne Michaels.

Based on Julia Fox’s comments, West isn’t a harm to others and is doing all this as part of his creative expression. However, TMZ asked if she felt Kanye might be a harm to himself.

“At this point, I’m not really sure, but I’ll give him a call and find out,” Fox said as she headed towards her car.

TMZ also got the scoop on Fox’s current dating situation, and it seems she’s looking for any suitors on Instagram.

“This is a public appeal to anyone who wants to date me. I’m single, and my DMs are open,” Fox shared when asked if she had her “sights set on anyone.”

West recently suspended for Instagram attacks

Along with his recent song references, West has shared numerous posts on Instagram, resulting in a 24-hour suspension for the rapper due to violation of the platform’s policies involving profanity, harassment, and hate speech.

On Wednesday, West shared several posts targeting not only Pete Davidson but also comedians Trevor Noah and DL Hughley. A post that involved a racial slur towards Noah has since been deleted.

As of this writing, eight posts were still live on West’s account, including several targeting DL Hughley. Additional posts target Pete Davidson, Kanye’s divorce, and his shared custody situation involving his four kids with Kim Kardashian.

West’s suspension from the Instagram platform was revealed on Wednesday evening, meaning he’ll possibly be active again on Thursday night. However, a spokesperson from Meta, the parent company that owns Instagram, said they might take additional action against West’s account if further violations occur.

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