Johnny Depp verdict ‘could be overturned’ after Amber Heard’s lawyer reveals details of jury drama

Amber and Johnny trial
Amber and Johnny could potentially head to court again after the defamation trial. Pic credit: © Silbiger/CNP/AdMedia

Amber Heard’s legal team is doubling down on an attempt to have the Johnny Depp defamation verdict thrown out and have a new trial ordered.

It comes after additional details emerged about how an improper juror allegedly served in the televised Depp vs. Heard defamation trial, which concluded in May.

The trial ended with the judge presiding over the six-week hearing upholding the jury’s verdict, ordering Heard to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million.

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Amber Heard’s lawyers make shocking juror claim

Heard’s legal team, which includes Elaine Bredehoft, says they now have “additional discovered facts” in a new filing that has been redacted to protect the juror’s name.

The Aquaman actress’s lawyer makes the shocking claim that “Juror No. 15 was not the individual summoned for jury duty on April 11, 2022, and therefore was not part of the jury panel and could not have properly served on the jury at this trial.”

As with their previous legal filing, Heard’s team is asking for a mistrial with a new trial ordered in its place.

In Fairfax County, potential jurors are selected randomly from the list of registered voters in the area.

According to the legal filing, obtained by Deadline, the juror selected would have been 77 years old at the time of trial but a 52-year-old of the same name sat in the Fairfax county courthouse for six weeks.

In another plot twist, the two individuals also reportedly resided at the same address, and are said to have “at the very least” shared “the same last name”.

It is worth noting that an anonymous juror spoke out last month explaining why the jury came back with a verdict favorable to Johnny Depp.

In the previous motion and memorandum sent in the Fairfax County courthouse docket two weeks ago, Heard’s attorney’s asked the court to investigate the juror allegations in question.

Juror ‘may have circumvented security measures’

Amber Heard appears to be hanging her hopes on the “improper juror service” allegations to get another trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

According to the legal filing, the unauthorized juror managed to circumvent security measures, whether knowingly or inadvertently, which include “a Fairfax County’s Juror Questionnaire webpage which requires a seven-digit Juror number, Zip code, and Birth Date.”

The date of birth is significant as the filing alleges that someone intentionally or accidentally claimed to be born in 1945.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers are yet to respond to the new filing, which was sent on Friday.

Amber’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft previously claimed that the jury was influenced by social media activity.

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Liz wilmouth
Liz wilmouth
1 year ago

Seriously. She needs to leave him alone and except the fact she lost. She needs to get over herself