Jennifer Aniston romance reunion rumors replace Brad Pitt with John Mayer before her 51st birthday

Jennifer Aniston reunites with ex John Mayer.
Jennifer Aniston reunites with ex John Mayer, who replaces Brad Pitt in romance rumors. Pic credit: © Photos

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were photographed reuniting backstage recently at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, fans hoping to see the former couple reignite their romance went wild.

Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Vegas shippers (and yes, that’s the alias Jennifer and Brad used to check into hotels when they were together), but the latest Aniston romance reunion rumors are all about a different ex: John Mayer.

So are John and Jennifer back together? To quote Monica from Friends, “OK, everybody relax. This is not even a date. It’s just two people going out to dinner and not having sex.”

Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer romance rumors soar after dinner reunion (Sorry, Brad Pitt)

While fans of Jennifer and Brad as a couple haven’t given up hope since that SAG backstage reunion photo turned into headlines seen around the world, John has succeeded (at least temporarily) in replacing Brad when it comes to newsworthy reunions.

However, Mayer was not alone when he showed up to the Sunset Tower Hotel to visit with Aniston at dinner time, a source told Page Six.

“John Mayer and Andy [Cohen] had dinner at the San Vicente Bungalows earlier on Thursday, then headed to the Sunset Tower for dessert with Jennifer,” shared the insider.

Aniston was already there with her pal Amanda Anka, a co-producer of Jennifer’s AppleTV+ series The Morning Show. Amanda joined the trio in enjoying dessert.

Jennifer Aniston gets help from John Mayer in planning 51st birthday

Mayer, Cohen, and Anka spent their time with Jennifer discussing how to celebrate her 51st birthday on February 11, according to the source.

The singer-songwriter and Aniston were together between 2008 and 2009. They first met at an Academy Awards party.

And in the years since their split, John and Jennifer have become good friends, added the insider.

As for why and how they split, reports about Mayer and Aniston in their dating days have made it one of those celebrity romance mysteries.

Jennifer stayed silent on the topic, while John spilled sometimes contradictory tea, pointed out Fox News.

Mayer first indicated that he had chosen to break up with Aniston. He then seemed to take back at least part of that rumor, describing the split as “one of the worst times of my life” in an interview that hinted John hadn’t been totally alone in ending the romance.

John described his feelings about Jennifer as holding “that pearl of possibility that lives in your heart when you meet somebody you want to know more.”

In addition, Mayer revealed that he had to “pursue” a romance with the Friends star, sharing that their relationship had “such a different molecular density than everything else.” As for whether he had regrets about any aspect of his failed romance with Aniston?

“I wouldn’t undo it,” emphasized John. “Because if it had worked out, I would have reaped the benefits. I would be sitting here saying, ‘What I have when I go home is the thing I’ve always wanted.'”

As for whether Jennifer will fan the reunion rumor flames by inviting both Mayer and Brad Pitt to her 51st birthday? Aniston hasn’t revealed any details of her birthday party plans yet.

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