Jamie Foxx speaks about health scare for first time: ‘I went to hell and back’

jamie foxx at day shift premiere
Jamie Foxx spoke about his difficult health scare in his first video to fans. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Jamie Foxx made his first public comments regarding his health scare and emergency hospitalization several months ago.

In April, the Oscar winner suffered an undisclosed “medical complication” while filming his Netflix movie, Back In Action, and was quickly taken to an Atlanta hospital for treatment.

However, he’d remained unseen since then, with no appearances on social media to show his face or speak with fans about what was happening.

The 55-year-old actor and singer uploaded a video on social media which started with him thanking everyone for their love and support during his health situation.

“I can not even begin to tell you how far it took me and how it brought me back,” an emotional Foxx said regarding all the messages he’d received.

Foxx said he “went through something” he never expected to go through and knew that many people were waiting to see or hear updates about his health.

Foxx said he ‘went to hell and back’ during his health scare

“I gotta be honest with you. I just didn’t want you to see me like that man,” Foxx said regarding keeping his health situation private.

The actor said he’d prefer people see him “laughing, partying, cracking a joke, doing a movie, doing a television show” rather than lying in a hospital bed in his condition.

“I didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out…if I was gonna make it through,” the actor said.

Foxx gave shout-outs to his sister, Deidre Dixon, and daughter Corinne Foxx, saying they “saved my life.”

He also praised “God and a lot of medical people” for allowing him to be there to deliver the video message online.

“You all know they kept it airtight. They didn’t let anything out. They protected me,” Foxx said of his family and inner circle keeping his situation private over the past several months.

Foxx didn’t give any specifics of his condition. However, he addressed some rumors about his health, saying that things can “sometimes get out of hand” when someone’s personal life is kept private.

“They said I was blind,” the actor said before showing himself going crosseyed, “As you can see, the eyes are working.”

Foxx added that he’s “not paralyzed” but that he “went to hell and back” during his health situation, and his “road to recovery had some potholes as well.”

Foxx indicated he’s able to work: ‘I’m on my way back’

“I’m coming back, and I’m able to work, so I want to thank people that let me work. I just want to say that I love everybody, and I love all the love that I got,” a teary-eyed Foxx said.

The actor said people might see him out and about bursting into tears because it’s “been tough” going through what he has.

“Now I got my legs under me, so you’ll see me out. I just want you to remember me for the jokes that I crack [and] the movies that I make- some of them good, some of them ain’t. I got a good one out. And the songs that I sing.”

With his new movie, They Cloned Tyrone, just released on Netflix on Friday, Foxx didn’t hesitate to crack one of his jokes before the clip ended.

“And then some people was talking about they thought I was cloned,” he said before reaching a hand to his face and pretending to peel it away like a mask.

“Just kidding you,” he smiled and pointed at the camera, adding, “Not cloned. I’m here on Earth because of some great people.”

The actor finished by saying, “I’m on my way back,” after again expressing gratitude for all the love and support he’d received.

Foxx has multiple movies and TV gameshow on the way

Foxx’s Instagram video is his first appearance on social media in many months. However, it arrives after the actor was spotted in Chicago over a week ago, making it his first public appearance since the April health scare.

During his public sighting, Foxx was seen onboard a boat with friends and family to promote his alcohol brand. In another moment while out, he helped retrieve a woman’s handbag, receiving cheers and love from a crowd before gesturing to fans and leaving in a vehicle.

It’s unknown where Foxx will appear next, although he has more projects on the way and others in the works. Along with They Cloned Tyrone, he has the upcoming live-action R-rated dog comedy, Strays, where he voices one of the canines.

Strays will premiere in theaters in August. It’s unclear at this point, but Foxx may be part of the promotional efforts for the film along with its other stars, including Will Ferrell.

He has a batch of movies in post-production, including The Burial, Tin Soldier, and Groove Tails. Back In Action is also considered in post-production, although a release date for these projects is unknown.

In addition, Foxx had been the host of FOX’s televised gameshow, Beat Shazam, with his daughter, since its debut. When Foxx’s health situation happened, Nick Cannon and Kelly Osborne took over their duties as temporary replacements.

During the actor’s recovery, FOX announced that the father-daughter duo would be involved in a new musical game show, We Are Family, premiering in 2024.

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