Jackboy says he beat up Kodak Black in heated Instagram Live debate

Kodak Black (right) and Jackboy (left) friendship began before their successful music careers. Pic credit: @1804jackboy/Instagram/@kodakblack/Instagram

Jackboy and Kodak Black got into a heated shouting match on Instagram Live.

Florida rappers Kodak Black and Jackboy were once close friends and frequently collaborated on records. However, in recent months their “beef” has escalated with the two exchanging insults online.

After Kodak Black’s release from prison, he implied that their feud is down to the music business. The Skrilla rapper said on Instagram that he made $1 million from his former friend.

“Made A ‘M’ Off Lil Jack” adding that it “Took Long Enough But Dat Businezz Must Be Stood On.”

Jackboy responded with Kevin Gates’s lyrics from his song Vouch, comparing his situation to the rapper, who had to pay his way out of a record label contract.

“Put the folks in my business, gotta set court appointments, gotta suit up with lawyers, damn, this how we rockin,'” he wrote.

The lyrics continue, “They copyrighted my name and wanted one million dollars. The label laughed in my face; I had to pay out my pocket.”

Before the Instagram Live session, Kodak Black revealed that he was close to signing rap artist NBA Youngboy to his record label.

However, he accused Jackboy of sabotaging the deal by using his password to post harmful content about YoungBoy.

Jackboy denied the accusation, and the two finally hate it out on an Instagram Live debate.

Jackboy says he beat up Kodak Black

During their argument, Jackboy immediately addressed Kodak’s accusation about using his password to sabotage his relationship with NBA Youngboy.

“So I had your password? Yes or No?” He asked his former friend.

Kodak tells Jackboy not to hang up before he claims that he beat up his former friend in the past.

“Did I beat you up rapping your own song before?” Jackboy screams at Kodak before the rapper cuts out of the Instagram Live session.

Kodak told his former collaborator to “pull up Jit,” adding that “I thrashed you cross the street you won the second time,” seemingly referencing their fistfights.

Jackboy fired back, claiming his former friend had protection and they should organize a fight on Triller fight club instead.

Jackboy says he only had $10,000 to his name after prison release

Kodak declared in the comment section of Instagram Live, “I made you,” in reference to signing Jackboy to his Sniper Gang label.

Jackboy claimed that Kodak signed him for one album and only had $10,000 after his release from prison.

Additionally, he claimed he made millions while Kodak was in prison, implying that his record label boss stopped him from earning money.

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