Is this proof an NSYNC reunion is coming?

NSYNC Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Are Justin Timberlake and NSYNC planning a reunion? Pic credit: ©

An NSYNC reunion is something the boy band’s biggest fans have been hoping would happen, and now there’s strong speculation something big could be in the works.

The group is one of the bestselling boy bands of all time and helped propel Justin Timberlake into even more success as a solo artist.

They’ve also released recognizable hits ranging from It’s Gonna Be Me to Bye Bye Bye and Tearing Up My Heart.

Their diehard fans would love to see them back together performing some of those songs and more, but will it happen?

Several events brought them back together after their split, but they haven’t performed or recorded new music in recent years.

However, social media sleuths believe they’ve uncovered evidence suggesting that NSYNC will reunite for performances and more music.

Social media uncovers potential NSYNC clues

An NSYNC reunion would create plenty of excitement if announced. Some fans believe that announcement could be on the way at some point.

Potential evidence of them reuniting arrived through social media discoveries. In particular, TikToker @.bethany.v released a video on Friday pointing out an “interesting new TikTok handle.”

She indicates that an @nsync TikTok surfaced (screenshot below), suggesting it could be something the band had ownership of and is preparing to establish.

“Ummmm why are they suddenly needing a refreshed Tiktok,” her caption reads, including hashtags like #nsyncreunion, #nsyncreunion2024, and #nsynctour2024.

Group’s TikTok followers include manager

The account isn’t verified or following anyone and has over 2,600 followers, likely made up of many of the group’s fans.

screenshot of nsync tiktok handle
Screenshot of @nsync TikTok handle and page. Pic credit: @nsync/TikTok

However, Bethany pointed out another interesting tidbit: Melinda Bell is one of the TikTok account’s followers. Among the groups she helps manage are Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, and NSYNC.

She recently retweeted a photo on Twitter, now known as X, in which she said she prefers to see “the real guys posing” with their star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame rather than string puppets.

NSYNC fans react to potential reunion

As one might expect, any mention of a possible reunion for NSYNC creates plenty of excitement. That was the case with the TikTok video, as fans in the comments mostly seemed ready to believe it will happen.

“I would swim ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN and walk across a field of broken glass for an *NSYNC reunion,” one individual said in expressing the extremes they’ll go to.

“This is the best adult scavenger I could’ve ever asked for!!” another fan wrote, while one suggested without a verified account, it wasn’t anything.

“Blue check or nothing,” the commenter wrote.

Another commenter said they were “scared how much these tickets are going to cost.”

nsync fans comment about reunion potential
Screenshot of fan comments on TikTok video post. Pic credit: @.Bethany.v/TikTok

In 2001, the group co-headlined Super Bowl XXV with rock band Aerosmith. Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige also appeared on stage.

NSYNC famously reunited 10 years ago on stage for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. More recently, they got back together to receive that previously mentioned star in Hollywood.

They’ll have a new song on the way this year for the computer-animated comedy film Trolls Band Together. The Trolls sequel arrives November 17, with Timberlake reprising his voice role as Branch. His former bandmates are also featured in voice roles.

An iHeart Radio report indicates the song, Take You to a Better Place, will be NSYNC’s first song released in over 20 years.

In 2016, Timberlake released his smash hit Can’t Stop the Feeling as part of the first Trolls movie soundtrack. Fans hope his next smash hit arrives with his original boy band and perhaps launches more performances and music from the group.

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