Hilary Duff channels Jennifer Lopez in new photo and her fans are freaking out about the resemblance

Hilary Duff TV Land Press Day 2019 held at The London West Hollywood.
Hilary Duff had fans shook after posting a photo to her Instagram page in which the actress totally embodied Jennifer Lopez. Pic credit: ©

Hilary Duff has brought the meaning of doppelganger to a whole new level.

The How I Met Your Father actress and mother of three, 34, recently had fans doing double-takes when she posted a stunning photograph of herself before going on stage for the Late Late Show with James Corden.

With her hair pulled tightly back into a perfect bun as wisps of hair clung in wavy designs down the sides of her face, Hilary really embodied Jennifer Lopez as she finished her look off with some silver hoops, a choker, and a brown blazer with no shirt underneath.

Fans were in complete awe of the photo and came running to the actress’ comment section to share their thoughts.

“It’s giving JLo” penned one fan, as others followed suit, saying, “At first glance, I thought yo were JLo! ?,” ” Getting JLo vibes. ?,” and “Omg I thought you were JLo for a second! Stunning ❤️.”

The comments didn’t stop there as many other followers also gave their shocked views of the photo, adding to the consensus that Hilary totally had the internet fooled thinking she was the pop star.

Hilary Duff said she used to hate being called “Lizzie” by fans

In an interview with The New York Times in January, Hilary opened up about her life in front of the cameras, saying that she used to dislike being recognized as the lovably ditzy character Lizzie McGuire but eventually came to terms with it being part of her identity.

“I was that mismatch queen in my everyday life. Some of the things that happened to her were comforting to play out loud because they were also happening to me. She became really real to me,” Hilary explained.

“I’d be out on the street and everyone would be like, “Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie!” I wanted to be known as Hilary. Now I’ve fully come to peace with it. I love her, and I am so grateful for that experience. But from probably 17 to 25, it killed me,” she added.

Pic credit: @hilaryduff/Instagram

Hilary almost didn’t take her How I Met Your Father role

Hilary went on to talk about her new role as Sophie in HIMYF, telling the magazine that she hadn’t felt totally confident in her ability to take on the role given fans’ love of the original series How I Met Your Mother.

“Obviously, the title scared me a lot. I was not into doing a reboot, and it was such a beloved show. That cast was incredible together, so buttoned up and tight,” she revealed.

She then talked about what made her change her mind about taking on the role of Sophie, saying, “Then Isaac was like, it’s a sequel. No one’s trying to be this person or that person. The cast is off on their own adventure.”

Towards the end of the interview, Hilary told journalist Alexis Soloski that even she hadn’t been told yet exactly who the father was going to end up being.

“Everyone is a possibility. So I’ve given up guessing,” Hilary said while adding that it has made filming challenging at times to be in the dark since she “has moments with all the guys” in the show, adding that it felt like being on The Bachelor.

How I Met Your Father began streaming on Hulu on January 18th and is expected to conclude March 15th.

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