‘Ban James Corden’ trends on Twitter after sign is spotted at AEW: All Out 2021

Image of James Corden and image of critic sign
A sign that reads ‘Ban James Corden’ trends on Twitter. Pic credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/@moshtalksbeez/Twitter

It’s an awkward day to be James Corden! The talk show host and actor is trending on Twitter after a bright green sign reading “Ban James Corden” is seen at AEW: All Out 2021. Many fans were shocked to see the sign stand out among the crowd at the sporting event as Corden isn’t associated with wrestling.

Corden is best known for his work as an English comedian and actor. He first became a household name while starring in the BBC series Gavin & Stacy, which he also co-wrote. Corden also created the Carpool Karaoke television concept, which is now a reoccurring sketch on his talk show The Late Late Show With James Corden. In these sketches, the actor drives around with a variety of popular celebrities while singing along to top hits.

However, with great fame comes a heavy amount of critic reception. The actor’s “theater-kid” energy fails to resonate with all as he continued to make his presence known in recent musicals such as Cats, The Prom and Cinderella. In the Netflix 2020 musical The Prom, Corden received heavy criticism for his lead role, opposite of Nicole Kidman, Meryl Street and Keegan-Michael Key.

The 43-year-old was met with negative reviews as many perceived his role as an inauthentic parody of a gay man. The Guardian’s Benjamin Lee wrote that Corden’s performance “proves why straight actors should think twice before playing gay.”

Pajiba’s Kayleigh Donaldson also had some choice words for Corden’s performance. The critic wrote, “watching James Corden play a gay man verged on a hate crime. He is a veritable grab-bag of swishing, camp voice, and limp wrists, as if he learned the role from a 1930s sissy villain.”

More recently, the performer received criticism from Los Angeles drivers for halting traffic while doing press for his latest Cinderella movie. This performance was described as a “nightmare” by many. Corden isn’t out of trouble yet as a critic proudly held up a sign reading “Ban James Corden” at a recent sporting event.

Who created the sign?

The journalist, know as Mosh Talks Beez, shared his double-sided sign on social media prior to it being spotted by the masses. On one side, it read, “Ban James Corden” and on the flip side, he wrote, “Shang-Chi Is All Elite,” referring the latest Marvel movie.

Beez captioned this slideshow of images with, “See you at All Out!”

He wasn’t wrong as many watchers caught a glimpse of his sign. His antics ended up trending on Twitter with over 1,500 tweets.

What are people saying?

People have been getting a major kick out of the sign, sharing their hilarious screenshots of it on social media. One wrote, “The person who brought a “BAN JAMES CORDEN” sign to wave during the wrestling pay per view is doing the lords work.”

Others are passionately sharing that they will be “joining the movement.” While Corden is known for staying out of the drama, it seems as though critics are taking extreme efforts to make their feelings known.

AEW: All Out 2021 aired on September 5, 2021.

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Who the f*** is Meryl Street?

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