Gwen Stefani shares fresh face for spring 

Gwen Stefani gets fresh-faced.
Gwen Stefani gets fresh-faced. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Gwen Stefani appeared fresh-faced, without her signature bright red lips in new pictures.

The GXVE beauty founder shared a couple of intimate photos on social media and appeared excited to celebrate spring.

The former The Voice judge has been hard at work promoting her new beauty line. Along the way, she has shared selfies and beautiful photos as she performed at the rodeo and played dress-up for the camera.

Gwen previously enjoyed the spring weather when she shared spring break pictures with her husband, Blake Shelton’s home state of Oklahoma.

Gwen Stefani gets fresh for spring

Gwen Stefani sported a self-proclaimed fresh face look on her Instagram page. 

Gwen rocked a comfy black sweatshirt with yellow writing across the chest area. Gwen held her hands up in the photos to reveal her long acrylic fingernails, adorned with pink and embellishment.

Gwen’s platinum blonde hair was in a high ponytail without extensions. Although Gwen clearly had makeup and lashes on, she lacked her signature red lip, which gave her a more fresh-faced than usual. 

She wrote in the caption, “fresh face 4 spring ???,” a tribute to the current season.

Gwen’s comment section was full of compliments for the ageless beauty’s appearance and different look. 

A commenter, who appreciated Gwen’s light look, wrote, “Looking good with lighter makeup.”

But some of the comments weren’t so friendly and noted that although she typed fresh face in the caption, the picture appeared heavily filtered.

Gwen Stefani critic
Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

One critic wrote, “Wow a Filter Cus lady your in your 50’s be real.”

A curious commenter asked Gwen, “What do u use on your face is perfect can u pls do a nite routine?” A snarky responder commented, “Facetune. Just use any filter and you will look the same!”

Gwen Stefani critic
Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

Critical comments are par for the course for folks in the public eye, and hopefully, Gwen will take the criticism in stride.

Gwen Stefani’s makeup line called GXVE Beauty

Gwen teased her new makeup line before she released it in March. 

Gwen’s makeup line is called GXVE, and if you are wondering how to say that, it is pronounced: “give.”

GXVE is Gwen Stefani’s first beauty line, and the California native says she is passionate about the ingredients she uses. Gwen shared with Women’s Wear Daily, “I’ve always done my own makeup for live no matter what. Even now, still… It’s part of my ritual.” 

The prices for Gwen’s vegan, cruelty-free makeup range from $24-$48. 

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