Gwen Stefani shares GVXE makeup line sneak peeks, shows off perfect red lipstick

Gwen Stefani on Las Vegas red carpet
Gwen Stefani shared exclusive sneak peeks of her new makeup line. Pic credit: ©

Grammy-winning artist Gwen Stefani has slowly peeled back the layers to uncover her new makeup brand, GXVE.

After working on the new line for three years, Stefani has recently been “soft” launching GXVE in promotional videos and photos on her social media. With initial speculations of what her new brand was exactly, the Hollaback Girl has officially announced that she will be selling her own line of makeup products.

Stefani posted a photo of her new GXVE red lipstick

Not only do fans recognize Stefani by the catchy lyrics in her early 2000’s hits – they also recognize her by her signature red lips. The singer has been sporting the look since her No Doubt days, and when it came to promoting the first product of her new makeup line, it’s no surprise that red lipstick was the first choice.

Stefani posted a series of photos to her feed that showed her holding up and wearing the official tube of GXVE lipstick, along with behind-the-scenes promotional snapshots.

“I had so much fun creating this brand over the last 3 years. Here are some sneak peeks behind the scenes… can’t wait to show you more @grvebeauty #gxve,” Stefani wrote in her caption.

The photos showed off the overall color scheme of the brand, which primarily appeared to be black, gold, red, and white.

What do we know about GXVE so far?

The makeup brand, founded by Gwen Stefani herself, will officially launch on March 3rd 2021. GXVE is described as “amped up color—cleanly formulated—with performance that won’t miss a beat.” It features classic products that are made and inspired by Stefani’s own signature looks.

The name GXVE, which is pronounced “give,” was inspired by the way Stefani has signed her name since high school – Gx, which stands for Gwen with a “kiss.”

The products for GXVE shown on the Sephora website include two red matte lipsticks, one satin red lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, two eyebrow pencils, and a face primer. The line also includes products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and come in recyclable packaging. The prices currently range from $24-$48.

The brand will be available at Sephora, the website, and Sephora Canada on March 3rd with an expansion to Kohls on March 10th.

Fans commented their excitement for Stefani’s new project

Stefani’s followers have been showing their support and eagerness to get their hands on the new products.

One user wrote, “I’m so proud [of] you. as your fan, I know makeup has always been a huge part of your life so it’s just so amazing to see you do this project and having it come to life. you deserve it so much! cant wait to #gxve you all my love and support back.”

Comment from Jen on Stefani's makeup line
Pic credit: @jenlovesgwen/Instagram

Another follower, who has met Stefani before, commented, “so good!!!! it’s amazing !!! you have been ta[l]king about doing this since we met!!! I’m sooooooo happy for you!!! it’s PERFECT!!!”

Andrea's comment on Gwen's post
Pic credit: @andrea_lieberman/Instagram

Other followers agreed that having her own makeup line is right up Stefani’s alley. A user wrote, “you having a makeup brand is so on point!!!”

Comment on Stefani's makeup post
Pic credit: @gx.kenedi/Instagram

From a successful career in the music industry to becoming a mom and an entrepreneur, Stefani is sure to add another notch onto her belt with her latest project GXVE. Follow the brand’s official Instagram, @gxvebeauty, for more social media updates as the line officially launches in-store and online this week.

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