Gwen Stefani addresses Blake Shelton divorce rumors ahead of Coachella

gwen stefani and blake shelton face shots from 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards and 48th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Julie Andrews events
Gwen Stefani reacted to the rumors she and Blake Shelton are getting a divorce. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Gwen Stefani reacted to the ongoing divorce rumors surrounding her and Blake Shelton’s marriage.

The singer and television personality is taking the stage this weekend and next in an anticipated performance at Coachella.

It will feature a reunion with her band, No Doubt, as part of the annual three-night, two-weekend event in Indio, California.

Days before they take the stage, she addressed speculation that she and Blake have marital issues.

According to Gwen, that’s not the case, so don’t believe all the gossip and rumors.

She also mentioned her “overthinking” due to insecurities with her relationships, being a mother, and making music.

Gwen Stefani addressed those divorce rumors: ‘Say whatever you want’

During an interview this week, Gwen Stefani confessed “the truth” about her situation with Blake.

“The truth is I am in love with my best friend,” she said.

“In my own relationship, even though I know the truth of what’s happening today, you still create drama in your own mind about your insecurities and what might happen,” she told Nylon.

The 54-year-old singer revealed she was in a relationship with her co-star on The Voice in 2015, leading to musical collaborations and marriage in 2021 at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma.

Earlier this year, rumors began to arrive that the couple might be experiencing marital issues. An unnamed insider indicated the two singers were spending much time apart.

However, Gwen’s recent comments to Nylon shut down that speculation.

“When you’re in love and have truly aligned values, nobody can get to us,” Gwen said.

“You can say whatever you want to say about our relationship — I mean, a week ago we were getting divorced again or something. It’s just lies. The truth is the truth, and we know what that is…,” she said.

Gwen spoke about balancing family with music ahead of No Doubt’s Coachella performance

With no marital issues or her divorce to worry over, Gwen has been preparing for her Coachella performance with No Doubt.

She has reunited with her bandmates in the past several weeks, including her ex, Tony Kanal, the group’s lead bassist and co-writer. They dated from 1987 to 1994 and continued working together creatively after they ended their romantic relationship.

Their relationship spawned music, including the hit song Don’t Speak, reaching No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart in the United States and No. 1 in various countries worldwide.

Following her relationship with Kanal, Gwen dated and married Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale. They divorced in 2015, and Rossdale recently opened up about his divorce shame.

The couple shares three sons, and Gwen believes her group may have been “disappointed” during her second pregnancy in 2008, as it put them on hold with continuing to create music.

“I don’t think they would say that [they’re disappointed]. No one’s going to be mad you’re having a baby. But while I was busy, they were kind of waiting,” Gwen said.

Gwen said that at that time, she had “nothing left” creatively and “so much insecurity” after having two babies.

“I look at it now and think, ‘God, what was I doing trying to please everybody?’ Because really, I should have just been with my family. But we did it, and there are some good songs,” she admitted to Nylon, adding she didn’t want to discuss it further.

Fans will see Gwen, Tony, and the rest of No Doubt perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, April 13, and Saturday, April 20.

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