GMA’s Lara Spencer fixes wardrobe malfunction during segment with Michael Strahan

lara spencer on good morning america
Lara Spencer appears during a Good Morning America segment about bargins. Pic credit: Hulu

Lara Spencer handled a recent wardrobe malfunction like a professional as she quickly recovered from an on-air moment.

The Good Morning America personality appeared in a Thursday show segment featuring Halloween and pumpkins alongside Michael Strahan.

Late in the GMA episode, Michael and Lara left their colleagues Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous to join the guest.

Lara wore a patterned button-up shirt and black leather skirt during the show, while Michael wore a dark suit, light blue shirt, and red tie.

While walking over to the pumpkin area, Lara immediately noticed an issue with her shirt as the top buttons had popped open.

As she walked over to join Michael and introduce the guest, Lara was able to quickly fix her mini wardrobe malfunction before it became a bigger issue.

gma michael strahan and lara spencer for national pumpkin day segment
Lara Spencer addressed a mini wardrobe malfunction during GMA. Pic credit: Hulu

Lara greeted the guest, Grandmother Barbara “Babs” Costello, and carried on with the segment with Michael to talk about things to do with pumpkins.

A video posted by GMA on YouTube shows Lara’s quick on-air fix at the start of the segment after noticing her shirt button issue.

GMA spotlights National Pumpkin Day

Lara also ensured that she didn’t mess up her look during the segment, as Babs showed off a popular pumpkin hack that went viral the last time she was on the show.

She and Michael used electric hand mixers to loosen the pumpkin guts inside two pumpkins. Lara stood back so no flying pumpkin would land on her face, shirt, or skirt.

Babs had plenty of other great tips, including a way to get your pumpkin seeds separated from the guts easier. She recommended putting all the guts with seeds into a bowl and filling it with water.

By doing so, the seeds would rise to the top and float while all the other pumpkin gunk sinks. She said you can scoop the seeds off the top and let them dry overnight or put them in the oven to make it quicker.

Along with the hacks, she showed off recipes for sweet pumpkin seeds and savory pumpkin seeds as great snacks.

“Who better to celebrate National Pumpkin Day with? BABS!!!! We love you @brunchwithbabs ❤️🎃,” Lara wrote in her Instagram photo post featuring Michael and Babs.

Lara recently revealed several wardrobe benefits

Earlier in the week, Lara shared an Instagram carousel post featuring a selfie she took inside a room, wearing a similar patterned button-up shirt and a long black skirt.

Based on her caption, she’s been shopping on a budget lately and loves it.

“One of the many benefits of being a lacrosse mom is killing time between games in the various #tjmaxx across the country. Skirt-$32. Shirt 19. Shoes 49. Turns out Cargos and flannels are not just for weekends!” Lara wrote.

In a post earlier this month, Lara revealed a benefit of working with the other women at ABC, including her friend and colleague, Ginger Zee.

According to Lara’s caption, if someone on the team no longer wears an item, they’ll offer it to the others. In this particular instance, she shared “a clothing swap victory” between her and Ginger.

“I didn’t love the fit of this dress on me any longer so I offered it to @ginger_zee and WOW!! IT LOOKS FAB ❤️. It makes me so happy to see it still being loved and looking so perfect on GZ. #sustainablefashion IS FUN!” Lara wrote.

In addition to seeing Lara on Good Morning America, viewers have seen her hosting Flea Market Flip, a show she also produced where she likely uncovered some terrific deals for herself.

Viewers can watch episodes from the series on HGTV, Discovery+, Great American Country, and Prime Video.

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