Michael Strahan reveals another TV appearance away from GMA

michael strahan during good morning america segment
Michael Strahan revealed his upcoming TV appearance involving some of his favorite things. Pic credit: Hulu

Michael Strahan keeps himself busy with gigs away from his main television jobs at ABC’s Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday.

He also appears regularly as the host of the popular game show $100,000 Pyramid, which also airs on ABC.

Along with those gigs, Strahan popped up in the past month on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars as a guest judge and QVC to promote his clothing brand.

If that wasn’t enough, Strahan is a co-founder of talent agency and production company SMAC Entertainment, with which he recently celebrated a career milestone.

Due to his busy schedule, sometimes viewers don’t see him appear in-studio at the GMA desk alongside co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous.

He’ll be featured in another television appearance away from GMA, which he recently revealed to his fans and followers.

Strahan reveals he has another TV appearance on the way

In a video clip GMA and Michael Strahan shared on Instagram, he’s shown meeting with hip-hop star Swizz Beatz and his son.

“Let me show you a few things real quick,” Strahan tells them.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer is with them in a large garage where he shows off some of the fancy and rare rides from his prized car collection.

He shows the car he’s owned the longest, a sleek black SLR McLaren Roadster. He also reveals his gorgeous Porsche Speedster Turbo and Mercedes SL65 Black Series cars.

“Let me get that one from you. I’m trying to get that one,” Swizz Beats tells him, with Strahan telling him, “Nah, you ain’t getting that one.”

The former New York Giants star tells them he started collecting cars in his mind at 9. Based on the video, his early visualizations became a beautiful reality.

Other cars from Strahan’s extensive collection include rarities such as a Fisker, a 964RS, and a Ford GTX-1. However, Swizz said in a voiceover he had his eye on the 1975 Aston Martin Vanquish the whole time.

Strahan called it the “James Bond car,” with Swizz calling it “the number one stunner.”

The latest television appearance for Strahan will arrive on the Hulu streaming platform on November 16. He’s part of the premiere episode of Drive with Swizz Beatz, a new show featuring celebrities and their cars.

In addition, viewers should continue to see Strahan appear on GMA and in his Sunday morning spot with his fellow Fox NFL Sunday analysts.

Strahan’s colleague revealed a big secret about him

During a recent FanDuel TV Up and Adams interview, host Kay Adams spoke with Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long, who suited up for the NFL’s Raiders during his All-Pro career.

He now co-stars with Strahan, Terry Bradshaw, and others on Fox NFL Sunday, where they break down the day’s news, games, and player performances.

Adams asked Long about a recent Saturday Night Live sketch that spoofed Long, Strahan, and the others, which he admitted he hadn’t seen. She mentioned the running joke from the sketch: they’re all major Swifties.

The former NFL Network host asked Long who out of the original Fox NFL Sunday crew was the biggest Taylor Swift fan.

“I’m not saying he’s a Swiftie, but Michael’s more in-tune with all that’s going on in pop culture because of Good Morning America and everything that he does, and he’s younger and he’s more hip,” Long said.

Long called himself “Spongebob Squarepants” and said he knows of Taylor Swift and her immense talent as a musician, but he’s more into Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Van Morrison.

In retweeting that portion of the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter, Adams asked Strahan if it was “true?” The NFL legend has yet to respond to Adams, so it’s unclear if he truly is the biggest Swiftie of the Fox NFL Sunday crew.

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