Ginger Zee is a ‘know-it-all’ and capable of being ‘nasty’, says GMA insider

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Ginger and Rob Marciano reportedly clashed at work. Pic credit: @MedCircle/YouTube

Ginger Zee is well-known as the beloved morning meteorologist on Good Morning America, but apparently, there’s another side to the bubbly television personality that viewers don’t see.

After news broke that one of Ginger’s colleagues, veteran ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano, was fired, sources revealed that the two clashed during their tenure together.

While it’s reported that Rob, 55, had a hot temper — which allegedly played a role in his April 30 firing — an insider told The New York Post that Ginger, 43, was capable of behaving equally as “nasty.”

The source told the outlet of Ginger and Rob’s interactions, “I think she brought out the worst in him.”

“It’s sad because they are two people who are really into the science of the weather,” they added. “Unfortunately, their personalities didn’t work.”

“She treated him as a beta, and she was the alpha,” added the insider before saying that Ginger “pulled rank” over assignments.

The insider didn’t stop there, either – they went on to allege, “Ginger is a know-it-all.”

Ginger Zee is a ‘know-it-all,’ says a GMA insider

“If you say something she disagrees with, she references her Twitter followers, saying, ‘You are wrong. My followers on Twitter loved it,'” the insider stated.

However, a source close to Ginger told The New York Post that the popular GMA meteorologist/chief climate correspondent is not difficult to work with.

“Ginger is a collaborative, inclusive, and hard-working leader who is well respected by her colleagues and has never had a complaint about her working style,” the source said, noting that suggesting anything otherwise would be considered “sexist.”

The New York Post reached out to ABC News and Ginger Zee for comment but hadn’t heard a response as of the publishing of this article.

In the meantime, Ginger seems to be minding her own business and carrying on as usual at GMA.

Ginger is filming on location for GMA’s Rise and Shine tour

As Monsters and Critics reported, the mom of two is filming on location for GMA’s Rise and Shine tour.

Recently, Ginger was in Philadelphia, where she was welcomed with a Philly pretzel baked in her likeness.

After spending some time in the City of Brotherly Love, Ginger headed to Boston, Massachusetts.

While up north, Ginger shared that she was delighted to be gifted a Boston Bruins t-shirt, especially because she follows the #NoNewClothes challenge and doesn’t purchase or wear any new clothing items.

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