Did Ginger Zee get fellow ABC meteorologist Rob Marciano fired? Here’s what we know

rob marciano ginger zee red carpet
Rob was recently fired by ABC News, and sources say Ginger played a role in his termination. Pic credit: © Nacion

Rumor on the street is that GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee played a part in Rob Marciano’s firing from ABC.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Rob was fired by ABC News, allegedly for losing his temper in a “screaming match” with a Good Morning America producer.

Rob was reported to have a hot temper and “anger management issues,” which may have played a role in him being terminated by the network.

But now, an insider has stated that Ginger Zee helped facilitate Rob’s termination by reporting her colleague.

Ginger reportedly caught wind of Rob’s latest argument with the producer and informed the higher-ups of what went down.

The source, who spoke with The Daily Beast, claimed that Ginger heard about Rob’s scuffle with a GMA producer and reported the incident to “network leadership.”

Because this wasn’t Rob’s first time “crossing the line on set,” Ginger felt her move was justified.

Ginger’s alleged report resulted in executives giving Rob the boot, calling his “screaming match” the “last straw.”

Ginger Zee and Rob Marciano reportedly butted heads at ABC

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Ginger and Rob reportedly shared a tumultuous past, and clashed during their time together at ABC.

Speaking with The New York Post, another insider claimed that Ginger can be “nasty” to work with and “brought out the worst” in Rob.

The insider added that Ginger treated Rob “as a beta, and she was the alpha,” and the Chief Meteorologist “pulled rank” over assignments.

Taking it a step further, The New York Post’s source called Ginger a “know-it-all,” stating, “If you say something she disagrees with, she references her Twitter followers, saying, ‘You are wrong. My followers on Twitter loved it.’”

Ginger has become a beloved morning TV personality as Chief Meteorologist and Chief Climate Correspondent for ABC News, so the claims that she is difficult to work with likely shocked her fans.

Rob’s hot temper exposed by multiple sources

The news of Rob’s firing may not be shocking, given the rumors about his behavior.

In addition to reportedly having an explosive temper, Rob allegedly made a colleague feel “uncomfortable” in his presence, sparking a temporary ban from New York’s GMA studios.

A source who spoke to The New York Post claimed “There was a period where there were some issues and alarming events.”

In March 2023, Rob was accused of doing something “improper,” which resulted in him being punished for his behavior.

According to reports, several of Rob’s unnamed colleagues have complained about his behavior over the years leading up to his demise at ABC.

Amid all the chatter online, multiple outlets have contacted ABC News, Rob Marciano, and Ginger Zee for comment, but none have heeded the requests.

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19 days ago

Rob Was A Fantastic Meteorologist! Did A Great Work At ABC. It Will Be The Network ‘s Loss. 😛

17 days ago

We obviously do not know all of the facts. We just know that Rob is excellent with weather on the set , and is solid meteorologist. I have known him since his days at CNN. I have heard that Ginger does a great job too. The rest is hearsay and gossip and don’t we all become irritated if we believe we are not being treated well? Needless to say, TV hosts are going to be anxious about having the set right so they can put out their best effort Why didn’t ABC have a meeting or something with an occupational psychologist to work out the problems? . I do hope Rob is picked up by another network, or starts his own enterprise.