GMA meteorologist Rob Marciano ‘fired’ in wake of multiple complaints from co-stars, reports say

rob marciano from good morning america on abc
Rob Marciano appeared on Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Rob Marciano has reportedly been fired from ABC after previously being pulled from the air over alleged “anger management issues.”

The veteran ABC News meteorologist’s termination follows earlier reports that he was temporarily taken off air and “banned” from GMA studios in New York’s Times Square.

The veteran weatherman reportedly received the ban due to reports last year that he made one of his colleagues feel uncomfortable.

Marciano appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight for over 10 years.

He last appeared in an April 28 report for Earth Week in Shreveport, Louisiana, discussing the destruction and devastation caused by hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

Marciano reposted his report from the network last week, ahead of his reported termination. In addition, reports indicated he’d shared content from the network on his Instagram Stories Tuesday.

Marciano’s ‘anger management issues’ reportedly led to termination

A report arrived last March that ABC’s Rob Marciano received a temporary ban from being in New York’s GMA studios due to a colleague feeling “uncomfortable” around him.

ABC viewers mostly saw the veteran meteorologist appear on location from outdoors or in other states. That included Marciano’s GMA report several months ago about a new hi-tech form of air transportation.

As of this writing, it’s unclear what transpired between Marciano and his colleague that made the colleague allegedly feel uncomfortable.

“He made people feel uncomfortable. There was a period where there were some issues and alarming events,” a source claimed, per New York Post.

An insider shared to Page Six in March 2023 that Marciano “was found to have done something … that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return.”

According to the reports, several co-stars allegedly complained over the years, although the reports didn’t mention any specific names or incidents.

Marciano experienced a ‘difficult’ divorce in 2021

According to the New York Post, another colleague suggested Marciano’s alleged anger management issues may have stemmed from the divorce he went through last year.

Marciano married a real estate mogul, Eryn, in 2010. The couple separated in 2021 and began divorce proceedings within a year. That divorce was finalized last January. Marciano and his ex-wife share two children, Madelynn and Mason.

He told People in a statement that he would shift his focus to his children.

“The last couple of years have been very difficult,” he told People, adding, “I didn’t want this and tried to save the marriage, but we are sadly divorcing. My focus now is on my kids.”

Marciano last reported for ABC in late April

As mentioned, Marciano last reported on ABC’s World News Tonight on Arbor Day as part of the network’s Earth Week coverage.

Marciano was on-location in Shreveport, Louisiana, discussing the devastation caused by hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Marciano’s report also covered a vital recovery project involving planting trees in the area.

“Inspiring…Great to see you, Rob. Thank you,” his colleague said after Marciano’s report concluded.

As of this report, Marciano’s representatives hadn’t returned the New York Post’s requests for comments, and ABC News declined to comment.

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