Robin Roberts reveals tough injury she suffered during GMA absence

robin roberts reveals tough injury she suffered while away from gma
Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts spoke about her fall and injury. Pic credit: ABC

After not appearing on the show for over a week, Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America this week.

Viewers immediately saw that the GMA star wore a brace due to an injury she suffered during her absence.

The ABC morning program’s co-host enjoyed a vacation with her spouse, Amber Laign, as they returned to one of their favorite spots: Key West, Florida.

During their time away, Roberts shared updates, including a video that had fans worried about her safety.

Many individuals called out Roberts for riding a bike without a helmet to protect her in case of an accident.

While she didn’t fall while riding her bike, she revealed she fell during another physical activity while away from GMA, resulting in an injury.

Robin Roberts reveals tough injury amid return to GMA

Ahead of Tuesday’s episode of GMA, Robin Roberts uploaded an Instagram video as one of her morning messages and prayers.

In the clip, Roberts holds up her right arm, revealing part of her hand and wrist wrapped up in a white cast.

“You should see the other guy. Why I oughta,” she joked as she pretended to hold up a fist in a fight stance for the video.

She explained she “took a little tumble” on the tennis court and suffered a fractured wrist.

“All my years being a competitive athlete- my first fracture and hopefully my last one,” she said.

Her morning message focused on people who might be “in a season of suffering and struggle.”

“Good Morning! Playing a little hurt this morning but Glam Fam and I would still like to share with you our #tuesdaythoughts #cmon 😘,” Roberts’ IG caption said.

Fans showed support for Robin after her tough injury

As one might expect, Roberts’ fans showed an outpouring of support amid the GMA star’s recovery.

“I hope that your hand heals and feels better soon,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “sorry to see you had an accident. Get well soon.”

“Oh my Robin. Hope you’re healing fast. Love you,” a commenter wrote, with another commenting, “sending love and healing vibes your way.”

screenshot shows fans reacting to robin roberts injury on instagram
Pic credit: @robinrobertsgma/Instagram

In an Instagram Story video, Roberts appeared in an elevator with others at ABC and explained how she got hurt.

Based on Roberts’ description, she was backpedaling on the tennis court and didn’t want to “hit her head” on the court. She said she put her arm out to brace her fall when she fell back but was still holding her racket, resulting in the fractured wrist.

instagram story screenshot of robin roberts in elevator at abc studios
Robin Roberts shared an Instagram Story clip about how she got hurt. Pic credit: @robinrobertsgma/Instagram

Roberts gave GMA colleagues and viewers safety advice

When Tuesday’s GMA episode opened, Roberts appeared at the desk wearing a cast. She sat between George Stephanopoulos and Gito Benitez, who replaced show regular Michael Strahan.

The trio introduced some of the show’s upcoming news stories and segments, including a report about tennis from the Twin Cities.

Once the anchors were back on screen, George pointed out that Roberts “had a little spill this weekend.”

She said she was “feeling a little better” and couldn’t “confirm nor deny” if she was on pain medications.

“But all of a sudden, I’m seeing rainbows,” the GMA anchor joked, adding, “No, thank you. I’m feeling much better.”

“Nobody makes a cast look cuter,” Gito told Robin.

During a GMA segment, ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, covering the “latest racquet sport,” Padel.

The sport originated in Mexico and is considered similar to pickleball and tennis. However, Padel uses a different racket and rules.

After Rebecca’s segment wrapped, Roberts was seated with Gito, George, and their GMA co-star, Laura Spencer.

“I have one tip, though. If you have the racket and you’re gonna fall, drop the racket, or this could happen!” Roberts warned GMA colleagues and viewers as she showed her cast.

“But maybe I’ll pick up Padel,” she explained, the sport her colleague Rebecca learned about in Minnesota.

“In three months,” Lara quickly fired back, regarding Roberts’ injury recovery time.

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