Michael Strahan’s daughter addresses fan concerned if she’s ‘still alive’ amid brain cancer battle

michael strahan face shot on abc good morning america april 2024
Michael Strahan appears on an April 2024 episode of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, answered a question from a fan wondering if she was “still alive” amid an absence from social media.

The 19-year-old regularly shares updates about her health, as she’s battled brain cancer and gone through recovery following last October’s diagnosis of medulloblastoma.

Earlier this year, Isabella revealed the diagnosis on Good Morning America while sitting alongside her dad for Robin Roberts’ interview.

It was an emotional TV moment for everyone. Strahan occasionally shares updates during GMA which show clips from his daughter’s YouTube vlog.

According to Isabella’s YouTube channel, all proceeds from the vlog go to The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

She’s occasionally active on other social media, including TikTok, where she addressed fan concerns earlier this week after an absence from social media.

Isabella returned to social media to address concerns about her health

Isabella uses TikTok and Instagram for occasional social media updates. They’ve included her hanging out with her favorite artist, Bryson Tiller, and wearing a pink wig as she dances with her twin sister, Sophia.

Some of those moments also make it into her YouTube vlog.

In a TikTok clip Isabella released this week, she shared a comment on-screen that asked, “Are you still alive,” with crying and laughing emojis.

Isabella smiled and danced in a gray Duke sweatsuit to Sexyy Red’s song Get It Sexyy, seeming to give the fan the answer that she was alive and continuing her health journey.


Replying to @U🫀 crazi comment

♬ Get It Sexyy – Sexyy Red

This week’s TikTok upload appeared to be Isabella’s first on the platform since a March 26 video featuring her twin sister, Sophia.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Isabella wrote in reply to a comment from @Sophia.stray that she was “better than ever.”

isabella strahan replies to a comment about her being alive in tiktok screenshot
Pic credit: @isabellastrahan/TikTok

“Thanks for the update … i was worried,” a commenter wrote.

“Me too,” Isabella replied, although it’s unclear if she was joking or serious.

tiktok comments screenshot shows isabella strahan replying to fan about being worried about her
Pic credit: @isabellastrahan/TikTok

Isabella’s latest YouTube vlog, released on Wednesday, featured a short film by her sister.

The five-minute video starts with a previous vlog clip of Sophia surprising Isabella at their family’s New York City apartment.

“This is why you wouldn’t answer my calls,” Isabella said, crying happy tears as Sophia sat with her on the couch.

“I love you,” Sophia told her sister as they hugged.

Isabella shared her sister’s short film about her life

“Hey guys, welcome to MTV Cribs Let’s Make Tea,” Isabella joked in an early part of the video, as she showed her “station,” which she said has medicines she “takes to stay alive.”

“Good Morning America. Good Night, America. Because we’re going to sleep,” she told viewers.

Isabella showed off a mug she uses due to “balance issues” and said she hoped her tea was “anti-cancer” to help with her battle against it.

The scene switched several times between Isabella in her pajamas looking for something on Netflix and receiving a shot in her arm.

As the next day arrived, Isabella informed viewers she’d just been with occupational therapy and had a dermatology appointment and bloodwork later.

Isabella left the apartment with Sophia and their father’s girlfriend, Kayla Quick, for the appointments. Their driver asked Isabella how she was feeling.

“I’m feeling,” she responded.

The short video closed with Isabella walking down several stairs to say hello to some people at the apartment.

“Goodbye film. The end,” an Isabella voiceover said to close it out.

Isabella’s April 24 video, above, was her first YouTube vlog in over 10 days, which may have caused concern among those watching her updates and giving their support.

In previous updates, Isabella shared that she’d had emergency surgeries amid her ongoing chemotherapy treatments.

One of those vlogs featured Isabella admitting she was disappointed after a setback due to the surgery. According to her remarks, she learned she would conclude her chemo treatments during the summer before potentially returning to college at the University of Southern California.

Isabella previously revealed she hoped to be done in time to recover from chemo over summer vacation before returning to USC.

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