DC Young Fly’s speech pays tribute at Jacky Oh’s funeral: ‘You had a beautiful soul’

dc young fly during wild n out episode
DC Young Fly appears in an episode of Wild’ N Out. Pic credit: MTV

DC Young Fly delivered a moving speech as his girlfriend, Jacky Oh, was laid to rest at a funeral earlier this week.

The former Wild ‘N Out star’s Celebration of Life ceremony took place in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday.

DC Young Fly, real name John Whitfield, spoke about his late girlfriend having “a beautiful soul” and the “beautiful” children they had together.

Jacky Oh passed away last week at 32 in Miami, Florida, after reportedly traveling there for a “mommy makeover” from popular plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Okokh.

During an eight-year relationship with DC Young Fly, they had three children: Nova, Nala, and Prince.

In part of DC Young Fly’s speech, he even mentioned he would have liked to have had more children with Jacky Oh.

DC Young delivered a heartfelt speech at Celebration of Life for Jacky Oh

Saturday’s Celebration of Life for the late Jacky Oh, real name Jacklyn Smith, was held at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church.

DC Young Fly spoke at a podium about his love of Jacky Oh and how they were blessed with three beautiful young children.

“I love you, Jack,” DC Young Fly said in his speech, adding, “These kids are beautiful, man. God granted us strength to have three. You know, I was trying to have seven more.”

“She gonna beat me up for that one,” the Wild ‘N Out star joked as attendees laughed at the joke.

DC Young Fly also mentioned how Jacky Oh’s “spirit” is still with them today.

“But I love you girl, and I want our kids to understand that you had a beautiful soul, and you didn’t leave us, you in heaven. Your spirit is with us. You still here, and we got an amazing support system. We got a beautiful support system that came out. Love you,” he said in an online clip.

Another video clip from the @theneighborhoodtalk Instagram showed the casket lid as it was closed on Jacky Oh.

DC Young Fly also paid tribute to Jacky Oh with his social media message

On Friday, DC Young Fly uploaded a touching tribute post on Instagram for the late Jacky Oh, which included a carousel of photos honoring the love of his life.

“I wasn’t in no rush to post this because I wanted it to be a dream so bad but every hour I’m reminded of realty so I wanna make sure I applaud you in the proper manner,” he wrote at the start of his message.

He called Jacky Oh the “GREATEST MOTHER” and mentioned how she taught their children to love one another.

“we roll wit the punches and continue to live righteous 💪🏾 will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were,” DC Young Fly also said.

Photos included DC Young Fly with a pregnant Jacky Oh seated on his lap and beautiful shots of them together with their young children. A video clip showed them together on a large screen at a sports event with a heart graphic around them for a “Kiss Cam.”

“U wit me forever ♥️ The QUEEN of my children will always have a spot in my heart and the paradise 😫(Yu gon get me for Dat🥲 but it’s true) LOVE YOU FOREVER jus know we goinn harder than ever and GOD is in control and he got us covered 🙏🏾🙏🏾,” DC Young Fly wrote.

DC Young Fly met Jacky Oh in 2015 while in Atlanta for Wild ‘N Out, the Nick Cannon-created comedy show where she was one of the Wild ‘N Out girls. DC Young Fly became a regular cast member.

His longtime girlfriend was discovered unresponsive in a Miami, Florida, hotel room on May 31.

Her official cause of death has yet to be revealed, although speculation arrived that it may have been related to the “mommy makeover” she had visited Miami for.

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