Who is Dr. Zachary Okhah? Miami-based Dr. Zach posed with Jacky Oh before ‘mommy makeover’

Ms. Jacky Oh
Ms. Jacky Oh was reportedly going to have a “mommy makeover” performed in Miami, Florida recently. Pic credit: @msjackyoh/YouTube

Former Wild ‘N Out star Jacky Oh, real name Jacklyn Smith, passed away at 32 on Wednesday while in Miami, Florida.

The television personality left behind longtime partner DC Young Fly and their three children: daughters Nova and Nala and son Prince.

Monsters and Critics reported about Jacky Oh’s death, which was said to have occurred after she traveled to have cosmetic surgery.

There were reports circulating rumors that her passing may have come as a result of complications from that surgery or during it, but as of this writing, her cause of death has yet to be officially reported.

Many media outlets referenced a social media post featuring Jacky Oh posing with Dr. Zachary Okhah and referring to a “mommy makeover.”

The post was recently deleted, though, and has led to questions about who is Dr. Zachary Okhah — the man that appears in the photo with the late Jacky Oh.

Jacky Oh posed with Dr. Zachary Okhah before ‘mommy makeover’

While Jacky Oh’s post alongside Dr. Zachary Okhah was deleted, Hollywood Unlocked captured a screenshot of the post (below). It included a photo of Jacky Oh wearing a partially-open light hospital gown with pink sandals and “Dr. Zach” posing next to her.

“Getting ready for my mommy makeover with Dr. Zach!! Stay tuned to my YouTube for the full reveal!” she wrote in a caption on her original post.

Based on Hollywood Unlocked’s caption, Ms. Jacky Oh “reportedly passed away following a procedure.” They also indicated, “it was later confirmed by @surgeonmade_curves.”

As of this writing, there are no confirmed reports of what led to Jacky Oh’s passing or her official cause of death.

Who is Dr. Zachary Ohkah with PH-1 Miami?

Dr. Zachary Okhah is a Miami-based plastic surgeon. His Instagram page currently has 81,000 followers and numerous posts showing the results of various procedures.

On his Instagram page bio, he indicates he specializes in liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). He also says he is the “Owner/Founder of @ph1miami.” That IG page links to the official PH-1 Miami website.

Based on website details, Dr. Zachary Iyore Okhah completed “his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical residency at Brown University” before graduating from Princeton University.

A WebMD listing for Dr. Okhah states he graduated from Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in 2013 and is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital.

The PH-1 Miami website also states, “Our Ultimate Goal Is To Help Our Patients,” and they indicate their holistic practice combines “body contouring” with “proper nutrition and fitness.”

PH-1 Miami offers its patients a “highly tailored cosmetic process” called the PH1- Process. According to PH1 Miami’s website, Dr. Okhah has specifically crafted this process to “maximize natural aesthetic outcomes” for body contouring.

“In order to make the patient feel the most comfortable, we emphasize complete transparency and encourage education of the surgical process. The goal of education is to help prospective patients make informed decisions about their bodies,” the description of the PH-1 Process also says.

In March, Dr. Okhah shared a “repost” of one of his successful surgeries for social media influencer Alexa Dellanos, who has 9.4 million followers on Instagram.

“Today is a day I’ll never forget. 🥹 Thank you @therealdrzach for bringing me back to my natural self,” the reposted caption from Dellanos reads.

In addition to BBLs and liposuction, the PH1 Miami website indicates that they perform tummy tuck surgeries.

PH1 Miami’s FAQ page also recommends that patients who travel to the area for surgery should remain in Miami for “at least a week after surgery for adequate recovery.”

As of this writing, it’s unclear what procedures Ms. Jacky Oh planned to have done by Dr. Okhah and whether or not any were performed recently. As mentioned, the former Wild ‘N Out star’s social media post alongside Dr. Okhah has been deleted, and her cause of death is yet to be officially revealed.

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