Dax Shepard reveals that he once dated Ashley Olsen and what he had to say about her might surprise you

Dax Shepard at the 42nd Annual People's Choice Awards Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles.
Dax Shepard revealed recently that he once dated Ashley Olsen and he had glowing things to say about her. Pic credit: ©

Dax Shepard revealed that he once dated an Olsen twin and his feelings about her are endearing.

The Armchair Expert podcast host, and husband of actress Kristen Bell, opened up about his dating history during one of his recent episodes, telling his co-host that “I dated Ashley Olsen and she’s just the most wonderful person… She’s fantastic.”

Dax admitted that there were plenty of people who considered them to be a “pretty weird pairing” but that he felt like they got along really well given Ashley’s “funny and sarcastic and intelligent” nature.

Dax said he was ‘kind of thunderstruck with the beauty’ after meeting Ashley at a party years ago

Though not specific about exactly when he met the Full House alum, Dax said that Ashley and Mary-Kate were in the beginnings of launching their clothing line The Row at the time.

“When we were dating, it was when she was putting all her energy and focus into launching that in a big way,” he explained, adding that he was able to “see her meet with design teams” and called the experience “very impressive.”

He also said that he had never watched Full House before meeting Ashley, but he was glad he didn’t see her when she was a baby because he “probably wouldn’t have been able to be attracted to [her].”

Dax and his wife Kristen recently admitted to allowing their daughters to sleep in their room with them

In a candid chat with his wife Kristen on an Armchair Expert interview, Dax and The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window actress shared some laughs about raising their two daughters, Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, together.

As reported by People, Dax and Kristen admitted to allowing their kids to sleep in the same room as them despite no longer being babies or even young toddlers.

The cute couple joked about a time when they couldn’t figure out where a really bad smell was coming from, continuously blaming each other for being gassy before they realized it was something else.

With the girls’ help, Dax and Kristen eventually discovered that the smell was emanating from the couples’ mattress and realized Dax had accidentally, and hilariously, filled the Ooler pad with protein shakes instead of water.

Kristen and Dax have been open in their lengthy relationship about the ups and downs they have gone through over the years.

Just two years ago, the pair faced a challenging uphill battle when Dax admitted to relapsing after years of being off drugs, falling back into addiction with pain killers after a nasty motorcycle accident left him banged up.

Dax gave credit to Kristen at the time for helping him to get through his setback and come out the other side again, saying in his 2020 Holiday Spectacular podcast that Kristen’s support and devotion to getting him better “saved [his] life.”

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