Dax Shepard posts nude photos of wife Kristen Bell for Mother’s Day

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
Dax Shepard shared some explicit photos of wife, Kirsten Bell, this Mother’s Day. Pic credit: ©

Dax Shepard hopped onto Instagram this Mother’s Day to share his love and appreciation for his wife, Kristen Bell, by posting a nude photo of her doing yoga in the couple’s yard.

Dax Shepard shared a candid pic of his wife doing nude yoga

Shepard, 46, posted the candid and racy pic of Bell, 40, doing a yoga move in just some knee-high socks, captioning the pic with the sweet sentiment, “Mom’ing has changed since I was a kid…and I’m here for it.

He continued: “Look at this specimen: kind, patient, nurturing, hilarious, Uber talented, generous, hard AND soft. My girls and I hit the MegaMom Lottery in spectacular fashion. We are so grateful and so in love with you @kristenanniebell ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Kristen Bell seemed to take the tribute in good humor, sharing a Thank You to Shepard on her Instagram story with the sweetly simple words, “Thank u @DaxShepard for giving me the best Mother’s Day ever.”

She also received a huge bouquet of flowers and cannabis joints from the brand LEUNE and Lovepot to go along with her somewhat unconventional celebration.

Why did Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard wait to get married?

Bell and Shepard got engaged in 2009 but waited four years to get married because they wanted to wait until the state of California passed the law giving LGBTQ couples the same right to marry as well.

They now share two daughters, Delta, 6, and Lincoln, 8.

How the pandemic has impacted Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Bell gave some tips to the internet about how to safely handle mail.

The Veronica Mars actress also got serious and personal about the challenges the pandemic had presented her on a chat with Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset: Pandemic Parenting live-stream special in 2020. The actress opened up about mental health awareness, being in therapy with Shepard, and how to give back.

“Balancing work and parenting and online learning during the pandemic, and especially supporting mental health, it was really hard,” Bell shared on the live stream. “Therapy’s been big for us during the pandemic. We both rely on it, my husband and I, for personal growth and ultimately bring what we learn individually into the relationship.”

She continued, talking about the struggles to maintain mental health, both with herself and Shepard and also their daughters. “Kids and mental is interesting because I always find it good to give them some, like, bio-feedback about how their brain works, so to sort of dissect what’s in their brain and let them know that’s all okay has helped us a lot.”

“We’re always honest with our kids and that’s sometimes really, really hard. We explained what Covid was, and why it exists, and we told them everything really early on and we just reminded them that we’re luckier than most people and we have to do what we can to help others during this time.”

Bell then shared what she and Shepard decided to do as part of their way of giving to those in need. Through their Hello Bello baby care company, they are offering a year’s worth of diapers every week: “We wanted to start giving away a year’s worth of diapers every week to help parents who need it,” she said.

Kristen Bell shared a shout-out to Dax Shepard for a great Mother’s Day. Pic credit: Instagram/Kristenanniebell

Bell and Shepard have also been very candid about Shepard’s struggles with sobriety over the years and revealed that he relapsed in 2020. The actor said he had broken his 16-year-long sobriety by taking pain medication that was given to him after a terrible motorcycle accident he suffered in the summer of 2020.

The couple remained open about his work on regaining his control over his addiction and Bell commended her husband on his birthday for being so committed to change.

Despite the hurdles created by the pandemic and Shepard’s relapse, the couple remains as strong as ever, and a beacon of hope for other couple’s going through similar struggles.

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