Chris Evans signs on to do an exclusive Q&A at ACE Comic Con

Chris Evans return as Captain America in Avengers.
Chris Evans playing Captain America in Avengers. Pic credit: Marvel Studios.

Marvel fans are having a tough time keeping calm after it was announced that Captain America actor Chris Evans will be doing an exclusive virtual Q&A with ACE Comic Con.

The panel’s date and time has yet to be announced, however, it is free to all participants and the image circulated by ACE Universe includes a YouTube link. It is being expected that the event will take place on the ACE YouTube channel as it is well-equipped to handle large audiences and they have hosted conversations on their channel in the past. 

What details are known so far? 

The Q&A will be moderated by Marvel producer and host Angelique Roche who recently hosted the virtual WandaVision launch party. Roche is currently the host of Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel’s Voices podcast and she also co-hosts The Women of Marvel Podcast.

Featured alongside Chris Evans for the Q&A is his brother and actor Scott Evans. 

Earlier today, the ACE Comic Con Twitter account tweeted, “We’ve got some great news! @ChrisEvans will be doing an exclusive Q&A alongside Scott Evans with the amazing @AngeliqueRoche!” 

They added, “This Q&A will feature some questions from you! Submit your question below and stay tuned for more details soon!”

This news comes after Chris Evans’ apparent departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Endgame. Rumors circulated more recently about Evans being interested in returning to the MCU for multiple cameos, which he has, since, slyly denied on Twitter.

How did fans respond? 

Needless to say, this news came as a surprise to many fans, and the Twitter accounts, both ACE Comic Con and Roche’s, have been flooded with proposed Q&A questions. Popular questions include ones about Evans returning to the MCU to reprise his role of Captain America and what roles he’s hoping to do further on in his career— a handful of which were focused on his new Buzz Lightyear role with Pixar.

A fan account proposed the question, “What are your views on you working for Pixar?” and further inquisitioned about if Evans will be observing any behind-the-scenes skills before ending their question with asking Scott Evans if he’d be interested in joining the MCU.

Screenshot of tweet.
Pic credit: @ilysmcevans/Twitter

Another tweeted a picture of a Captain America comic with the question, “Would Chris ever consider coming back for a Dimension Z adaptation? With Cap’s son? It’s one of my favorite storylines.”

While the official date and time of the conversation have yet to be announced, ACE Comics and Roche are accepting questions via Twitter. In the meantime, they are encouraging people to keep an eye on their Twitter accounts for more updated information and to subscribe to the ACE Comic Con YouTube channel.

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