Bonnie Wright shares her sustainable on-the-go routine

Bonnie Wright at an event.
Bonnie Wright shared how she stays sustainable while away from home. Pic credit: © Maryannakis/

Harry Potter star and environmental activist Bonnie Wright not only made a name for herself playing Ginny Weasley in the wizard film series, but the star is now using her fame for the good of the world.

Often using her social media platform to discuss her sustainability mission and Go Gently book, which helps guide people on how to become less wasteful, Bonnie hopes to educate fans on ways to be kinder to the environment.

In her most recent share on her Go Gently social media page, Bonnie updated followers on how she works to be sustainable while away from the comforts of home, sharing tips and tricks that are easy to follow even when on the road.

“Hi, it’s Bonnie Wright and I’m gonna walk you through my morning routine,” she started off her video clip.

“However, I’m on the road shooting my Go Gently TV show which means that my morning routine looks a little bit different but I try as much as I can to keep up with my sustainable habits,” she said.

The red-haired 32-year-old continued her video by showing a shot of herself sitting cross-legged on a sofa with her hands on her knees for a morning meditation session, relaying that she uses an app called Open.

Bonnie Wright discusses how she stays Earth-friendly while on the road

Next, Bonnie said it was time to shower before going on with her day, showing followers the compact sets of sustainable products she brought with her.

“I have my soap box, my shampoo and conditioner, my face oil, my refillable Wild deodorant, and my compostable toothbrush,” she explained as she showed bits of soap bars inside a metal container, two small metal bottles for her hair, her Meow Meow Tweet oil, the tin push-up of the Wild brand deodorant, and her bamboo toothbrush.

After getting ready, Bonnie shared a snippet of herself bundled up in a snowstorm to go out and find a local shop to grab breakfast.

Finding a cute place called The Pantry, presumably located somewhere near her native home of England, Bonnie seemed excited to have scouted out the cafe.

When she was done, Bonnie poured the remainder of her coffee into a reusable mug and wrapped up her pastry in a brown napkin so as not to waste plastic.

“This month I shared with [Marie Claire UK] my morning routine while on the road shooting the go gently TV show! ??? I hope these tips and tricks help you keep up with your sustainable habits while on the go!” she captioned the post.

While Bonnie’s on-the-road routine is certainly admirable, the star clearly has her eco-friendly rituals down to a science, having previously shared her sustainable take on a Halloween costume this past fall.

Bonnie Wright shares her tricks for making Halloween eco-friendly

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Bonnie gave followers a rare look at her home-making skills as she shared how she tackled the conundrum of how to have a fun Halloween costume without being wasteful.

Taking a selfie in her costume of choice for the holiday, while telling fans the outfit was actually from the previous year, Bonnie sported a black, long-sleeved top and black pants with black ears on her head and painted whiskers on her face.

Perfectly becoming a black kitty cat with her dress-up materials, Bonnie explained in her caption that she made the cat ears using a thin, black headband, wire, and painted-over egg carton cutouts.

Fans of the actress-turned-environmentalist will undoubtedly be eager to continue to learn more about sustainability from their favorite celebrity as she continues her own crusade to pass on her knowledge.

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