Bonnie Wright shows off her homemade Halloween costume as she gears up for another big costume day

Bonnie Wright at an event.
Bonnie Wright showed off her fit figure in an all-black outfit while wearing kitty ears and sporting a painted face. Pic credit: © 

Bonnie Wright gave her followers a fun glimpse of her Halloween past as she showed off last year’s costume.

The Harry Potter star, who is known largely for playing Ginny Weasley in the hit film series, may not be doing much in front of the cameras these days, but she continues to prove that she still knows how to keep her fans captive.

The redhead typically uses her social media platforms to talk up her eco-friendly and earth-sustaining work, having recently authored the book Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet.

However, the actress sometimes gives followers a taste of her life behind-the-scenes with rare glimpses of her slender figure, as evidenced by her most recent share.

Throwing it back to one year ago, Bonnie looked adorably chic and trimmed as she took on a kitty cat theme for Halloween.

Touting her homemade cat ears and simplistic attire, Bonnie revealed that her costume from 2021 was created using parts of an egg carton and an already-owned headband and makeup.

Bonnie Wright stuns in kitty cat attire

Giving a side-view of her outfit, Bonnie showed off her fit figure as she wore all black, a tighter long sleeve on top, and dark pants on the bottom.

Black paint decorated her nose as black lines shot out onto her cheeks to form whiskers while some white makeup colored the area under her nose and above her upper lip to look like a cat mouth.

Her burnt auburn hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and a headband with kitty ears sat on top of her head.

“Last year’s homemade Halloween costume was made from an egg carton, headbands and make up. Andrew and I dressed up as Hugo and Frank. What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?” she captioned her snap, referencing her husband Andrew Lococo.

While the star’s switch from acting to Earth-saving pursuits may seem sudden, Bonnie has actually been interested in sustainability for years.

Bonnie Wright opens up about her career switch

In an interview with The Washington Post, Bonnie opened up about diverging from her acting path to follow her heart’s true pull which involves being eco-friendly.

The Greenpeace ambassador shared that her Go Gently book came after years of focusing on climate change and understanding just how long plastic waste stays in the soils and oceans once discarded.

“I’ve always loved the ocean deeply, and I was seeing how much more plastic pollution was ending up on our beaches and waterways,” she explained.

She continued, “I was angry and upset [by it]. Through wanting to understand that, I [realized] … there are reasons human beings are not disposing of their waste properly.”

Bonnie said many people assume that the products they toss into the recycling bin get repurposed without issue, but a lot of products actually get thrown out by recycling companies in the end due to people not always understanding what can and can’t be recycled.

“New plastic is cheaper than recycled plastic. When your recycling is picked up, it’s taken to a materials recovery facility, where it’s sorted and sold to recyclers. There are some plastics that are harder to recycle because there isn’t money in them,” she said.

Bonnie added that parents with young kids could help educate the youth by simply adding a compost system into their household and teaching kids that the food they don’t eat can be added back into the soil to help gardens grow more food later on.

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