Ben Affleck: Jennifer Lopez ‘eats whatever she wants’ and still looks great

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck praised Jennifer Lopez. Pic credit: ©

Ben Affleck just confirmed that life isn’t fair when the actor spilled some major tea about his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The best friend of Matt Damon has been hard at work, engaging in promotional duties.

Ben stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday as he virtually promoted his directorial efforts in the film Air.

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Drew was sure to ask Ben a few burning questions, including some about his wife.

In a notable exchange, Drew asked about Ben and Jen’s respective diets and “cheat drawer” of unhealthy snacks.

The answer that Drew received may have left her stunned.

According to Ben, Jennifer can eat whatever she wants and she still looks great.

Ben Affleck shares Jennifer Lopez’s secrets to remaining youthful

A Twitter account for The Drew Barrymore Show posted the amusing exchange, with Ben sharing never-before-heard details about his wife. 

Ben prefaced his comment with a warning, jokingly saying that his words might “upset” her.

The actor revealed, “Jennifer just eats whatever she wants.” 

As for specifics, Ben named pizza, cookies, and ice cream as examples of what Jennifer eats.

Drew asked for details, wondering if Jennifer worked out. 

Ben responded that Jennifer did work out but suggested genetics played a role in her fabulous figure.

He continued, “She works out. I mean, I work out, too. But I don’t magically appear to be 20 years old, you know what I mean?” 

However, Ben was sure to praise his wife for her hardworking nature and incredible work ethic. The triple threat constantly has products and projects in the works, from her beauty company to starring in films, and Ben showed great admiration.

He also likened Jennifer to a “superhuman” and added, “She’s the most gorgeous woman in the world, she looks spectacular.” 

The honeymoon phase is clearly not over for Ben and Jen, who married last summer.

Another reason for Jennifer’s youthful appearance could be her choice to abstain from alcohol.

Just because Jennifer doesn’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean she can’t promote alcoholic beverages, though.

Jennifer Lopez launches Delola alcohol

Earlier this month, Jennifer took to social media to announce a new, unexpected venture.

Jennifer jumped on the celebrity alcohol line bandwagon, unveiling a flavored spritz cocktail venture called Delola.

She shared a tropical-themed advertisement on Instagram while she posed with her latest endeavor.

Although she didn’t drink the beverage, she praised the product in a voiceover.

In the video, Jennifer exclaimed, “I just wanted to create something better. Better tasting, better ingredients, something I want to drink with my friends and family, and that is Delola.”

Unsurprisingly, Jennifer received criticism since she doesn’t drink alcohol.

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