Bam Margera lawyers up for custody fight amid split from Nikki Boyd

Bam Margera on the red carpet
Bam Margera is seeking to fight Nikki Boyd over visitation rights for their son. Pic credit: ©

Troubled Jackass alum, Bam Margera, has hired himself a lawyer as the custody battle with his wife Nikki Boyd begins to heat up.

The 42-year-old skateboarder claims he has not heard from Nikki or his 4-year-old son, Phoenix Wolf, since he returned to rehab last month.

Last year, Nikki filed for full custody of their son in a Los Angeles court but said she would consent to her husband having supervised visits. Since then, Bam says he has attempted and failed to set up a visitation schedule, and now, he’s lawyered up.

Bam Margera hires family lawyer in fight to see his son

According to TMZ, Bam has hired a family law attorney to deal with Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass, in the hope that he can finally see his son.

A source close to Bam has said that Nikki has been refusing to answer or return any of her husband’s calls and will only speak to him about custody rights through her lawyer.

For her part, Nikki has said she’s been completely supportive of Bam as he undergoes treatment for addiction. She said she’d even traveled from California to Florida, where he is undergoing treatment, so that she could be closer to him. However, she and Phoenix Wolf have since returned to California.

Sources informed TMZ that Bam has since given up on reconciling with Nikki and is instead focused on a legal battle to see his son. He is reportedly concerned that he may not see his son ever again.

Meanwhile, Nikki’s lawyer says they’re waiting to hear from Bam’s attorney.

Jackass alum Bam Margera has twice escaped from rehab

The Jackass alum was previously ordered by a judge to attend rehab, but he has now twice escaped from his rehab facility. On both occasions, the cops escorted him back to rehab. He’s now been placed in a different facility.

It’s thought his inability to contact Nikki or Phoenix Wolf was the main reason why he fled.

Bam passed a milestone in his recovery in May when he became one year sober; it’s currently unknown if he relapsed during his two escapades away from rehab.

He was fired from Jackass Forever back in February after he failed a drug test. He attempted to sue his former friends and colleagues for false dismissal but eventually settled outside court.

Jackass Forever is available to stream now on Paramount Plus or Prime Video.

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Cheri G
Cheri G
1 year ago

Can Bam ever be a decent father? Lol! Give custody to the mother with supervised visitation for Bam. He’s toxic! He won’t ever be clean & sober.