Bam Margera found — Here’s why he ditched rehab 

Bam Margera found after reported missing.
Bam Margera was found after being reported missing. Pic credit: ©

Viva La Bam and Jackass star Bam Margera has been found after he allegedly fled rehab on Monday. 

Bam was at a court-ordered rehab but left because he was unhappy there. The center filed a report with the Delray Beach Police Department after Bam departed in a black sedan.

Police officers found Bam at a hotel Wednesday after he was spotted in downtown Delray Beach, Florida, the night before. Bam went willingly with the police, who returned him to the court-ordered facility. 

The MTV star and skateboarder has struggled with addiction over the past decade. Bam recently completed one year of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a feat he was very proud to accomplish. Sources close to Bam were unsure if he had relapsed during the two days he was gone. 

Bam Margera was found after he was reported missing on Monday

Bam Margera was found after he ditched court-ordered rehab on Monday. 

TMZ reported Bam was at a hotel in Delray Beach, also the home of Bam’s court-ordered rehab. Bam was safe and sound when the police located him on Wednesday. 

The sources shared that Bam was unhappy with the treatment he received. On previous trips to rehab, Bam got special treatment. However, this time, Bam was not getting celebrity treatment, and he expressed dissatisfaction.

The sources continued that police and a crisis intervention team were called to handle the situation. Bam went willingly and voluntarily with the police, who returned him to rehab.

Bam posted while “on the run” with his new sponsor, an MMA fighter Tuesday.

Bam Margera was in court-ordered rehab after a difficult year

Bam Margera has struggled with addiction for years and attended multiple rehab facilities, but things took a turn last year. 

He was signed on for the newest Jackass movie under the condition that he stay sober. Bam failed a drug test during filming, which led to his firing from Jackass Forever last February. Bam sued the Jackass production team for wrongful termination, and ultimately he settled his lawsuit against Jackass in April.

Page Six reported that Bam Margera was sent to rehab due to an ‘emotional disturbance’ in September.

At the time, a police spokesperson explained the events which transpired and said, “They received a call that something was going wrong there.”

The spokesperson continued, “When deputies arrived, they were informed that Mr. Margera had an ex parte order, which is a judge’s order for court-ordered rehabilitation. Those are taken out by a third party on behalf of the person.”

Bam’s most recent milestone was one year sober, which he posted about four weeks ago. 

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