Bam Margera split from wife before bailing on rehab

Bam Margera on the red carpet
Bam Margera has reportedly split from Nikki Boyd, causing him to flee from rehab. Pic credit: ©

Jackass star Bam Margera has reportedly split from his wife, which was one of the reasons he fled from rehab last week.

The 42-year-old skateboarder absconded from a court-ordered rehab facility last Monday in Delray Beach, Florida. He was technically on the run for two days before the Delray Beach cops picked him up and sent him back to the facility.

Now, we are learning that one of the reasons why Margera did a runner was because he recently split from his wife of nine years, Nikki Boyd.

Bam Margera fled rehab after he was unable to contact wife and son

A representative of Margera told TMZ that the couple went their separate ways about two weeks ago and that Nikki had broken off all contact with the star. The Jackass performer had apparently been unable to get in touch with Boyd or his son, Phoenix Wolf, which led to his drastic decision to ditch the rehab facility.

According to the Daily Mail, Boyd and Margera’s relationship has been difficult for a long time. Boyd has played no role in Bam’s recovery process, and last year she filed a court order in Los Angeles hoping to gain full custody of their son.

For his part, Bam reportedly hoped to move back to Southern California after rehab to be with his wife and son.

Margera reached a significant milestone in his recovery just last month when he passed the one-year sober mark. But unfortunately, the star has been unhappy at the Florida facility; as per TMZ, Margera was reportedly upset that he wasn’t receiving any special celebrity treatment. This was touted as another reason why he absconded.

Bam fled rehab last Monday and was reportedly spotted in downtown Delray Beach on Tuesday night. The cops found him in a hotel room on Wednesday when he was returned to rehab. The star went willingly.

Jackass star Bam Margera has battled drug addiction for years

The Hollywood star has struggled for years with addiction and has attended multiple rehab facilities. He was all set to appear in the latest Jackass movie, Jackass Forever, but was fired in February after failing a drug test.

Margera sued Johhny Knoxville and the production team for wrongful dismissal but later settled outside of court.

There were concerns that Bam may have relapsed during the two days he was away from rehab. However, he is now getting treatment and hopefully receiving the help he needs.

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