Amanda Bynes sports platinum mullet, blue eyebrows and shares her ‘secret’ to looking ‘good’

Amanda Bynes at the Los Angeles Premiere of Penelope in West Hollywood.
Amanda Bynes opens up to fans on TikTok. Pic credit: ©

Amanda Bynes has been making headlines with her recent return to social media while rocking a bold new look — blue eyebrows and a platinum mullet.

The former Nickelodeon star chatted with her followers and shared her secret to looking good in a recent video.

Amanda feels better than ever as she returns to the spotlight with her newly launched podcast.

It’s been a rough couple of years for the 37-year-old. She’s been struggling with her mental health for quite some time.

Due to her troubling behavior, Amanda was in a nine-year conservatorship, with her mother as her conservator, but it ended in 2022.

In July of 2023, Amanda checked herself into an intensive mental health facility in Orange County.

The decision came after she had opted for outpatient care, following her previous stint — several weeks earlier — at another facility, but realized that approach was not the best one for her.

The former child star has been keeping a low public profile and was laser-focused on getting her life back on track, but now Amanda is back, and all eyes are on her again.

Amanda Bynes debuts blue eyebrows and platinum-blonde mullet in a TikTok video

Amanda is back in the spotlight and working on her social media presence.

She’s been chatting it up with her TikTok followers, posting three videos in the past 24 hours.

Amanda has a new look. She is now sporting dark blue eyebrows and a platinum blonde mullet. She also rocked a nose ring in the clip, with her heart-shaped face tattoo proudly displayed on her cheek.

Amanda shared her secrets to looking good on camera, telling her followers, “I usually don’t look good in paparazzi pictures, and that’s because paparazzi pictures are taken outside, and the sunlight is usually really harsh and bright on my skin.”

“Even though I’m only 37 and I don’t even look old, if I zoom in on my face, the harsh lighting can create shadows…and then I look terrible,” she noted.

Amanda Bynes says she can look ‘pretty goofy’ due to bad lighting

We’ve seen some unflattering photos of the She’s the Man actress over the years, but she wants us to know that bad lighting is to blame.

“I’m gonna take you outside to show you how terrible I can look in a certain light,” said Amanda as she walked out of the room. “This light is not good on me, I look pretty goofy, but whatever.”

The actress then moved to her kitchen and noted that the lighting was dull and flat.

She also turned slightly and noted, “This lighting here is not great either.”

“That is the secret to how I look good, as I just tend to find the best light,” she added.

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