Amanda Bynes says sorry for calling people ugly and being ‘drugged out’ in new video with fiance Paul Michael

Amanda Bynes (R) in a still from her Instagram post introducing us to Paul, her new fiance her family apparently does not approve of. Pic credit: Instagram/Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes in a still from her Instagram post introducing us to Paul, her new fiance. Pic credit: @amandabynesreal/Instagram

Former child star Amanda Bynes has had a tough road to travel over the last ten years.

The celebrity-blog-fodder actor has accomplished a full year of sobriety and apparently found her fiance Paul in rehab, where they both connected and now plan to wed.

In an Instagram video, Bynes has a face tattoo, piercing in her nose and what looks like one in her forehead, and shares the good news about her new love, Paul.

But not everyone is happy for her.

TMZ has laid out the case for Bynes’ planned nuptials to be nixed by her conservator mother, who they claim does not approve of this marriage or of Paul.

What did Amanda say about her fiance Paul?

On her Instagram post, Bynes gushes over how handsome her sober boyfriend Paul is and how they are a very happy couple.

But TMZ claims that Bynes met Paul in AA and they’ve only been dating for a short time, less than a few months.

Their sources report that her disapproving family thinks that Paul doesn’t even have a job. Bynes was also in a relationship before Paul, and the family told TMZ they think he is a rebound relationship.

They also point out that her engagement ring is a big fake diamond that costs $49 on Amazon.

In the video posted on Instagram, Bynes says:

Hey everyone, this is Paul, my fiance. I am so lucky, as you can see he’s drop dead gorgeous. He’s also the best person on the face of the earth. But…I just wanted to post a video to say I’m sorry to everyone whom I called ugly on Twitter. I was feeling so ugly at the time, and it was really hard for me to express myself at the time because I was so drugged out, and I have remained sober for over a year, and so has Paul. I just want to let you know that I love you guys, and I am so happy now, I feel like I got what is mine, and that is Paul.


Who is Amanda Bynes?

Once called the “new Lucille Ball” by Hollywood in her early promising years acting, Amanda Bynes was a child star who fell apart in the public eye due to drug and alcohol addictions.

Her transition into adult roles did not go well and her subsequent mental breakdown played out on Twitter.

She came up in the Nickelodeon stable but had designs on roles outside of the bubbly, kooky blonde roles she was often cast in.

Bynes was often typecast as the ditzy tween, but her rebellion against the career path set for her by the success of her show on Nickelodeon was fraught with far more obstacles than her peers Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus.

Bynes, who was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, struggled to maintain control and succumbed hard to drugs and drink.

Her career spiral and public meltdowns were the fodder of celebrity gossip sites like early Perez Hilton (before he became nice Perez) and Michael K’s DListed, which has pages of bad behaviors, lawsuits, and arrests.

Bynes’ parents even moved back to Texas to try and get some peace of mind.

Bynes had some rough years, especially from 2011-2014. She was arrested for a DUI and then a second time in September 2014 for driving while high on the ADHD medication Adderall, something she had a legal prescription to take.

However, she was in violation of her probation for that arrest. She has been in and out of rehab and 5150 mental health holding facilities several times over the last decade.

The Hollywood Reporter had a 2012 feature that outlined the rise and fall of Bynes’ acting career.

“Indeed, the young actress had a sterling reputation in Hollywood until, according to sources, she was unable to capitalize on the opportunity she’d long waited for — an adult role in the 2011 prurient comedy Hall Pass. It was her departure from the project — after arriving to the shoot unprepared — that either was symptomatic of or the beginning of her precipitous decline.”

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