Al Roker slammed by viewers for ‘ruining’ Rose Bowl Parade coverage

al roker face shot from his instagram video post from rose parade 2023
Al Roker provided NBC’s Rose Bowl Parade coverage alongside Hoda Kotb. Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Not all viewers were impressed by Today’s Al Roker during his latest parade coverage.

He’s become a familiar face as NBC’s weatherman, Today personality, and as the host of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

After missing his first installment of the famous New York City parade in nearly three decades due to health issues, he returned for the 2023 edition.

Many of his fans and supporters revealed they were happy to see his return after missing him on television in the previous year.

On New Year’s Day 2024, he appeared as part of NBC’s coverage of the annual Rose Bowl Parade, which takes place in Pasadena, California.

However, the popular weatherman drew the ire of viewers over what some considered “cringe” remarks during the coverage.

Viewers slam Al Roker for his jokes during Rose Parade

The 135th annual Rose Bowl Parade featured various floats, bands, and celebrity appearances throughout the event.

ABC and NBC were among the networks that provided live telecasts and streaming coverage of the event.

NBC’s commentary team included Today’s Roker alongside Hoda Kotb, who helped viewers learn about the various aspects of the parade.

However, some viewers on X, formerly Twitter, felt Roker’s jokes throughout the coverage were just too much.

“Al Roker is terrible this morning… he needs to shut up… he’s ruining the parade..,” one irritated viewer commented.

Another said they switched to ABC’s coverage because NBC was “the Al Roker show,” and he wouldn’t stop.

“Kudos to ABC for focusing on everything that makes this Parade so special,” they wrote.

screenshot as viewers slam al roker on twitter for rose parade coverage
Fans are displeased with Al Roker. Pic credit: @YeahHeyItsSteve & @Millieinvermil1/Twitter

Another commenter said Roker was “practicing the ancient art of Extreme Cringe” during NBC’s parade coverage.

Yet another blasted NBC and Roker, saying the Today star “injested too many ‘happy pills'” and was “incredibly obnoxious.”

“ABC should send him a thank you card for all the viewers he’s forcing to switch over to their broadcast,” the annoyed viewer wrote.

screenshot from x twitter showing viewers reacting to al roker rose parade coverage
Annoyed parade watchers. Pic credit: @ColinEFLawrence & @FranPaphronis/Twitter

The Rose Bowl Parade arrived before this year’s College Football Playoffs matchup involving Michigan and Alabama, presented on ESPN.

Roker shared several Instagram clips from their parade coverage site, including one of him and Hoda having fun ahead of the event.

Roker returned to Macy’s Parade in 2023

In addition to the Rose Parade and other events, Roker has typically covered the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade annually.

However, he missed the 2023 parade in NYC due to health issues. It was Roker’s first time missing the event in 28 years.

His NBC colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb served as the parade hosts since Roker had suffered blood clots in his leg, requiring hospitalization and recovery.

He eventually returned to NBC’s Today in early 2023 and has continued working as a meteorologist and on-air host for the program. He regularly shares motivational video clips from his outdoor walks on his Instagram.

Roker made his anticipated return for NBC’s coverage of the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it was a joyous occasion for the host, his family, and his fans.

Roker’s 2023 appearance included commentary, jokes, and him having some fun as he interrupted coverage and yelled at one of the floats featuring a few famous and familiar faces.

In addition to Roker’s return to the event, it was the first time his baby granddaughter attended it, creating some extra-special family memories.

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