10 things to know about Tommy Lee’s current wife, Brittany Furlan

image of Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan at a red carpet event
Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan have been married since 2019. Pic credit: ©

Tommy Lee’s love life has been at the center of attention recently due to the release of Hulu’s Pam and Tommy. The miniseries dives into Pamela Anderson and Lee’s marriage — specifically the leak of their sex tape.

At the time of the Hollywood couple’s relationship, Anderson was his third wife. Lee was previously wed to Elaine Starchuk and Heather Locklear. Now, the Mötley Crüe rocker is married to social media influencer Brittany Furlan.

Here are ten things you need to know about her.

Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee have been married since 2019

The social media star has been married to Lee since 2019. Furlan, 35, and Lee, 59, have been seeing each other since 2017, according to Us Weekly. The paparazzi caught the two lovers showing off PDA after a date at a sushi restaurant.

Ever since, the two have been showing each other off on their socials, seemingly confirming their relationship. Two years later, they were wed after announcing their engagement on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

Sharing off her heart-shaped engagement ring, Lee wrote, “Well this certainly beats chocolates! Say hello to future Mrs. Lee.”

Brittany Furlan stirred up trouble at the Emmys

Furlan made her big break on the now-deactivated website Vine. She was known for making humorous content with her dogs and her impressions, including her Ghetto Dora series. Due to her online reach, she was selected to host the red carpet show at the 2014 Daytime Emmys.

Furlan hosted alongside vloggers Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow, and Meghan Rosette. The foursome stirred trouble for the broadcasted award show with many viewers complaining that they were being offensive and immature, specifically calling out their heavy usage of jokes about rape and race. At the time, Matt Mitovich wrote on TV Line, “Furlan literally came onto, and hard, every male in attendance, to a degree that makes E!’s Giuliana Rancic look positively demure.”

Mitovich went on to break down the group’s controversial jokes, writing that Furlan told a General Hospital actor, “We’re going to get you away from us before we rape you.”

image of Brittany Furlan at the 2014 Emmys
Pic credit: Brittany Furlan/DailyMotion

She shows off Lee on TikTok

Despite Vine’s disappearance, the Pennslyvania-born entertainer found fame on other online platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. At the time of reporting, Furlan has 1.8 million followers on TikTok.

Her biography links to her Instagram account and reads, “Your mental health fren” and “Actor/Idiot”.

Furlan’s account is filled with videos that feature trending audios as well as comedic impressions. She occasionally uploads videos that include her husband. In one, she uses the viral “material gworl” audio and shows Lee wearing a pair of fashionable heels, via a filter.

Furlan wrote, “He said, ‘And I’ll kick ur a*s in these heels.”

Furlan starred in Pitbull’s Fireball music video

The influencer made an appearance in Pitbull’s 2014 music video Fireball. At the time, she tweeted a picture with the rapper. She wrote, “Just me and my future husband.”

Other internet stars who appeared in the video were Jenna Marbles and Bart Baker. The music video wasn’t the only time the two collaborated as Furlan was later featured on Pitbull’s YouTube channel in a series called Gentleman Code.

She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram

Furlan’s social media following has continued to grow as she branched out to other social media platforms. The entertainer currently has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account which, at the time of reporting, has 5,335 posts.

Underneath her name, her profile reads, “Lets laugh before we die.”

She makes a variety of posts on her Instagram, including sharing flirty images with Lee, select TikTok videos, and style content that shows off her outfits, hair, and makeup.

She stars in Amazon’s Paradise City

In addition to finding fame online, Furlan has found herself appearing on the big and small screen. Back in 2014, she made a brief appearance in the 2014 drama We Are Your Friends, alongside Zac Efron.

She went on to pop up in the movies The Unicorn and The Dirt, as well as offer her online expertise in the Netflix documentary The American Meme.

Most recently, Furlan landed the role of Janis in the Amazon series The Paradise City, which is a musical drama. Also starring in the series is Black Veil Bride’s Andy Biersack, Booboo Stewart, and Bella Thorne.

Sharing her role on Instagram, the actor wrote, “Meet Janis! I’m in the new Amazon Prime series @paradisecity out March 25th!” She continued, “My character is just as high strung as I am so wasn’t a stretch. If you like shows about bands and boys with tattoos then this one’s for you.”

Furlan is a dog lover

It came to nobody’s surprise that Furlan is a dog lover, given that many of her Vines featured her furry friends. The performer has continued to showcase her dogs across her social media accounts, even dedicating an Instagram highlight to them.

She has two dogs (at least!) Teenie and Neena, and each dog has their own Instagram account managed by Furlan. Her third dog, Wicky, passed away in 2020.

She treats her anxiety with CBD

Furlan is very open about being a mental health advocate as she shares that title across her social media profiles. She is also very vocal about her usage of CBD to alleviate, not only, her anxiety, but also her dog’s anxiety.

She is partnered with the CBD company Terravita and often gushes about them on Instagram. In one post, she opened up about how she uses it to treat her anxiety. She made a short video talking about the practices she’s adopted to lessen her anxiety disorder.

She goes through things like meditation, EMDR therapy, and breathing techniques, before showcasing the Terravita products. Furlan captioned the post, “All of these things have helped me tremendously with my anxiety so I wanted to share them with you! I’m happy to say I’ve been panic attack free for over a month now.”

Bob Saget was on her podcast Worst Firsts

Furlan has a podcast called Worst Firsts which streams on a variety of podcast channels, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It currently has 117 episodes. Apple describes her podcast as, “Brittany Furlan (American Meme/former Vine Star) has seen it all when it comes to dating and relationships. She has stories for days about terrible dates and experiences she’s had to endure.”

It goes on to say, “Each week she’ll talk with her friends and guest as they share their own stories about experiences they’d rather not talk about. These stories will make you ask how anyone finds love at all.”

Previous guests have included Tommy Lee, Never Have I Ever’s Darren Barnet, and YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous.

Also, appearing on her February 16, 2021 episode was the late comedian Bob Saget. Sharing the episode on her Instagram, Furlan wrote, “@bobsaget is my guest this week on Worst Firsts and he gets very candid about some of the worst times of his life.”

“We get deep, talking about loss, overcoming tough times, and therapy. This episode is a look behind the curtain into the comedian and actor that was ‘everyone’s dad’ on full house,” she added.

She has a sticky relationship with Tommy Lee’s sons

Lastly, Furlan has a tight relationship with Tommy Lee’s sons, who he shared with Anderson. She opened up about her relationship with them to Fox News back in 2019.

She said, “[…] me and the kids have a great relationship.” In the context of Lee’s son Brandon Thomas Lee, who at the time of the interview was involved in a physical altercation with his dad, Furlan shared, “Like, I would help him put his auditions on tape and help him study his lines and do all this stuff with him – and all of a sudden they decided to hate me, and I don’t know where that came from.”

“It was just really weird, but I don’t know – I just know that I don’t have any relationship with them right now, and we’re all trying to work on that. But hopefully, things will change in the new year and everyone will be friends again because all we want to see is for everyone to be cool – and even Tommy wants that, too,” she added.

Things have seeingly worked themselves out as Anderson and Lee continue to both be involved in their sons’ lives. And the trio were spotted with Brandon Lee last year in celebration of his clothing line launch.

It seems as though things are going strong for Lee and Furlan. What do you think about their relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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