Coppola, Bernstein, Lollobrigida turn out for TCM Hollywood Film Fest

The 7th annual Turner Classics Hollywood Film Festival kicked off on Thursday night with a 40th-anniversary screening of All the President’s Men. Attendees included Gina Lollobrigida, once called the most beautiful woman in the world, still looking bellissima at 87 in a rare visit to Hollywood. Also appearing on the red carpet was Carl Bernstein,

Floating Points Live at the Masonic Lodge 04/25/16: Review

Hanging out at a cemetery is something you would expect to see goths do in a movie while Bauhaus is playing in the background, a macabre activity by any measure. When you’re at the legendary Hollywood Forever cemetery, it’s actually a cool experience to hang out among the burial ground of many of Hollywood’s old

RIP The Internet: HARD Summer 2016 Lineup Revealed

When the internet dies, the world falls apart and a handful of electronic music’s finest are convinced they are Diplo, then it must be time for HARD Summer 2016. Following their biggest HARD Summer last year (which you can read about from our coverage), the company’s looking to outdo themselves with their best lineup yet,

Review: National Bird

Following on the heels of Guy Hibbert’s screenplay for Eye in the Sky (directed by Gavin Hood and starring Helen Mirren) this riveting documentary is the best look to date at drone warfare. Many Americans have been led to believe that drone surveillance and missile attacks are precision killings. Although they may represent precision bombing,

Avoid Game of Thrones spoilers with Google Chrome extension

Trying to avoid spoilers for television shows and movies is one of the hardest possible things thanks to the internet — and Game of Thrones is the perfect example. As the new series begins, trying to go on Facebook — or anywhere else online for that matter — is a dangerous game if you want to avoid knowing


Acorn’s latest great British offerings

Acorn have an ever-growing selection of great British television shows for you to watch at home. Here are some of their latest offerings, including Janet King and Vera Series 6, which are both available at until their release on DVD later this year. Meanwhile, A Place to Call Home Season 3 along with And

Virtual reality and art documentaries the highlights of Tribeca

On the new side, Tribeca Film Festival’s embrace of interactive programming – both digital and non-digital – is exciting and trailblazing. On the digital side, much of VR – especially the kind that is designed for full-body motion (mainly, waving your arms) is still rudimentary, filled with trite Technicolor landscapes and amorphous, lava lamp-like shapes.


Vikings Season 4, Episode 10, The Last Ship: Recap and discussion

Powerfully laced and loaded, this mid-season finale of Vikings time travelled a bit and took us back to Kattegat, with 10 more episodes to air later this year. The elapsing of time between the last Francia routing and the return to Kattegat sees Ragnar MIA until the end of the episode, and his sons now

Disney’s The BFG: 10 facts you didn’t know about the movie

Disney’s new adaptation of The BFG, directed by Steven Spielberg, was one of 2016’s most anticipated films — and for good reason. The Roald Dahl children’s classic on which it is based is without doubt one of the best kids’ stories of all time, and with a director of Spielberg’s caliber behind it the movie promises