Avoid Game of Thrones spoilers with Google Chrome extension

Melisandre, played by Carice van Houten, in the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6

Trying to avoid spoilers for television shows and movies is one of the hardest possible things thanks to the internet — and Game of Thrones is the perfect example.

As the new series begins, trying to go on Facebook — or anywhere else online for that matter — is a dangerous game if you want to avoid knowing the whole plot.

Visit Google News and you risk seeing something giving away the twists, or head on to Twitter and some moron has gone ahead and put a spoiler in a tweet.

But now a new extension for Google Chrome means you can browse to your heart’s content in the knowledge that all mentions of GoT will be blacked out — so you can’t come across spoilers even if you want to.



The extension is called GameofSpoils, and can be installed on Chrome by visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking on ‘Add to Chrome’.

After it’s installed, the extension will search every webpage you visit on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or Google News mentioning Game of Thrones, and black them out.

It will also censor content which contains any common GoT words, like Targaryen or Winterfell.



Be warned, though, GameofSpoils only works on those sites so you’ll need to be extra careful if visiting any others.

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