Review: Son Lux ‘Bones’

Ryan Lott, otherwise known by his musical moniker, Son Lux, has been a burgeoning jack of all trades. Throwing in a hat into film score, advertising music and a slew of great collaborations; including work with Lorde, Beyonce producer Boots and Sufjan Stevens. Here with his original music in his third studio album, “Bones”, it


Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars: ‘Make It Rain’ Edition

You can just tell that WEtv and Thinkfactory Media are trying hard not to make Season 3 of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” nothing more than the Kendra and Hank show, but it’s hard. Everybody is tired of boot camp because, God forbid, they’re on Day Four. “It’s day four, but I feel like it’s


LEX Announce July 1st Showcase Spectacular at LATC

While everyone is getting their 4th of July plans together, here I am getting pumped for July 1st, when the new all girl, all analog electronic act LEX will be putting on what promises to be an absolutely killer show at the Los Angeles Theater Center. The girls blend the classic sounds of vintage synths,

Killer Mike On Confederate Flag

It’s no secret that Killer Mike of popular hip hop group, Run The Jewels is a very politically involved person. So, when the shooting in the South Carolina church happened this past week, and the controversy of the Confederate flag came up, Killer Mike definitely made sure everyone heard his two cents. In a piece

Survivor Blu-ray Review

Despite its familiar plot, director James McTeigue’s Survivor is an excellent thriller – thanks to its fast pace and a chilling performance from Pierce Brosnan. From a screenplay by Philip Shelby (the upcoming Mechanic: Resurrection), Survivor sees Brosnan joined by a stellar cast including Milla Jovovich, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, and Robert Forster. The film


Review: Big Gigantic Live at the Avalon Hollywood 6/19

The saxophone is the way to the heart, period. No other instrument has such an alluring sound nor as many cool points for it’s presence, whether it is the main melodic element or just a portion of a song, if played right, it leaves the listener besotted and wanting. Jazz Sax, especially used by wunderkind


Sandy Malone: “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Hank’s Big Reveal

Tonight’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” on WEtv confused me. I’m not sure they got a whole lot accomplished even though everybody was crying at the end of evaluations. Hank and Kendra are the big showstoppers, this episode picking up where last week left off with Hank about to make the big reveal to his


Forgot a Gift for Father’s Day? Here Are 10 Dad Rock Tracks He’ll Love

Forgot a gift for Father’s Day? Here are 10 Dad Rock tracks he’s sure to love. Over the past few years, rock writers have found a new favorite way to deride and instantly dismiss an artist, album or song in two words–Dad Rock. It sparks images of khaki shorts and crocs, the perfect way to

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (review)

Steps out on the edge with a fearless exploration of life told with exceptional creativity. A refreshing and remarkable accomplishment. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon won big at Sundance this year with both Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize and took home the Best Director award at the Seattle Film Festival with this funny, touching and unabashedly

A Man and His Cat – Al Pacino’s Genius in Manglehorn

Al Pacino’s naturalism is a great gift to cinema. As an ageing locksmith afraid to retire and stuck on a woman who left him decades earlier, he lives alone in a small town. His closest friends are his cat and an addict, the owner of a local tanning/massage parlour (Harmony Korine). He behaves just like